#23 Run Live Workshops without Overwhelm with Alexia Vernon

#23 Run Live Workshops without Overwhelm with Alexia Vernon

Today I chat with my friend and mentor Alexia Vernon about why self-care is so important when organizing events and her best advice for setting up a live workshop or retreat, including her go-to healthy habits and lessons she’s learned in 15 years of workshop facilitation to keep stress down.

I’ve been to many live events and workshops Lex has facilitated, and she’s my go-to lady for creating a transformational experience for participants and audience members AND for making good money doing it as a business while staying in her mission of supporting emerging leaders.

She’s also our first repeat guest on the Feed Your Hustle Podcast, and I follow up with her about how she’s putting into practice the healthy launch tips she committed to in episode 7 during the currently underway launch of her new program Your Spotlight Workshop.

“One of the things I love working on is figuring out what is the interactive way to marry what you do with your audience’s learning needs.” – Alexia Vernon

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • What a live workshop is and why it’s a LOT less stressful than doing an online launch 
  • The four key phases of a workshop to create a truly transformational experience for participants
  • How to give your participants the resources they need to take what they learned in a workshop and transfer it to their own lives
  • Exactly what she did to take care of herself during her latest launch (like having her husband cook dinner!)
  • How she uses movement to get workshop participants out of their head and into her material 
  • Her go-to mantra that she uses in daily guided meditation

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