#14 Intuition for Your Business with Psychic Licia Morelli

#14 Intuition for Your Business with Psychic Licia Morelli

Have you ever thought of a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile then she called you an hour later? Or had a song in your head and turned on the radio only to find that song playing?

I bet you have! (Heck, I was raised a scientist, and this has happened to me.) Those are the examples my psychic guest today uses when she speaks to a room full of skeptics.

I was in the audience a couple weeks ago at Off The Charts Live as Licia spoke to 200 female entrepreneurs about using intuition to grow your business. And you know if strategy powerhouse Nathalie Lussier hired her to kick off a biz conference, her advice is legit.

In this episode of the Feed Your Hustle Podcast, I talk with a psychic who teaches entrepreneurs to use intuition to guide business decisions.

We jam on drawing in clients that don’t drain you, listening to your body to settle into healthier habits, the easiest way to incorporate meditation into your morning to allow intuitive hits to come through, and so much more!

Licia Morelli is an internationally recognized clairvoyant psychic, intuitive coach, speaker, media personality, and writer.

Starting from an early age, Licia has had a deep understanding of the emotional context and energetic disposition of others. After studying Contemplative Psychology at Naropa University and investigating a vast array of healing modalities, Licia began to define and sculpt her psychic gifts. For more than ten years, she has seen clients all over the world for clairvoyant readings and coaching.

Licia is currently awaiting the release of her first children’s book on mindfulness and meditation from Tilbury House Publishers in the Spring of 2015. She is the featured resident psychic on morning drive radio at the 92 Moose (92.3 FM or 92moose.fm) morning show and has been a featured blogger in elephant journal, Tiny Buddha, and the Bangor Daily News.

I met Licia at Alexia Vernon‘s MasterTreat a few months back as we honed each of our respective TED talks. And instantly I connected with her upbeat energy, the amount of times she made me burst out laughing, and her heart.

“Intuition is inside of you. Trust the answers that are in you.” – Licia Morelli

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why getting goosebumps means you’re psychic (and you don’t have to be a believer to use it) 
  • The easiest way to incorporate meditation into your morning to allow intuitive hits to come through (even if you’ve got kids bugging you)
  • How to use skeptic-approved “practical woo” to guide your business decisions and accelerate your biz
  • A daily ritual to protect your energy and draw in clients that don’t drain you, complete with directions
  • How Stage 3 Melanoma lead to a powerful shift in her business and a focus on giving back, plus her exact setup for donating 20% every month 
  • Her highly effective morning routine and how she structures her workweek to prevent burnout (there’s a high rate for psychics)
  • How cleaning up her diet amped up her power as a psychic… and you can get the same results whether you’re a coach, designer, or copywriter

Mentioned in this episode:

How do you use intuition in your business? How are you going to start? Plus share the deets if you give back in your biz!

And help me choose a powerful cause to give back to. In the comments, tell me a well-run organization you highly recommend for 1) women’s empowerment, 2) access to healthy food, or 3) body acceptance. 🙂

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