#87 Finding Alignment When You’re Pivoting with Courtney Bentley

#87 Finding Alignment When You’re Pivoting with Courtney Bentley

She knew what made her money in her business. And that made it scary to think about pivoting.

But when she stepped into trust and released her old brand… she got a majorly successful idea within a week.

And when she approached pivoting with a sense of possibility, it led to manifesting money streams.

In today’s ep, my gal Courtney Bentley and I chat about how she knew it was time to pivot her business and what it felt like to find alignment.

Plus, I love this reminder that we are ALWAYS evolving and needing to generate clarity, no matter the level we’ve reached in business. Even if, like Courtney, your podcast has been #1 in the health category in iTunes and you’ve been a recurring contributor to CBS Channel 8 Las Vegas NOW.


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Listen in and you’ll learn:

  • How to approach pivoting with a sense of possibility — and why that leads to manifesting money streams
  • Why success as an entrepreneur means skipping between pieces of inspiration – and when you lose inspiration, you lose the fire behind your business
  • The pivotal role of treating her podcast as an experimental playground where she got to use her voice in finding alignment and her next evolution
  • Why “trust” is a magic word… and how it played a role in every step of her pivots and brand evolution

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