#64 Stop Over-Thinking When You Talk About What You Do With Cathy Cochrane

#64 Stop Over-Thinking When You Talk About What You Do With Cathy Cochrane

Before, when Cathy would tell someone what she did, she would say, “I teach women how to listen to their bodies as the true source of wisdom.”

It’s beautiful, flowery language. And it sounds wise and metaphorical. But unfortunately, it wasn’t language that helped her ideal clients understand if they needed what she had to offer.

When Cathy came to me, we got underneath her tendency to overthink the words she used. Which led us to choosing a more specific niche, gave her more tangible language to express herself, and helped her finally connect with the people who needed her most.

In this episode, you’ll have a behind-the-scenes look into how Cathy stopped overthinking and started putting herself out there to be seen and get clients.

“Understanding how to express what I do has given me the confidence to show up more.” – Cathy Cochrane


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In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  •  How niching down saved her from missing out on ideal opportunities
  •  What truly helped her to stop overthinking and start connecting with her ideal clients
  •  Which small shift you can make in your next conversation to move the focus from how you do business to how you can help
  • Which of her biggest ‘a-ha’ moments led to more clarity and confidence when talking about what she does

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