#177 Speaking About Issues Without Co-Opting Them with Nisha Moodley

#177 Speaking About Issues Without Co-Opting Them with Nisha Moodley

We’re all continually learning & navigating how to share in these times which are highly polarized and where a lot of our collective trauma is at the surface. 

As my guest today, Nisha Moodley, points out, we’re just at the beginning of learning how to be together on the internet. And we’re unlearning + relearning how to do it in a different, more generative way.

Nisha is an Integrative Leadership Coach who’s been supporting women to liberate their leadership and weave their gifts in service of our shared vision for the past 10 years. With an Indian father who escaped apartheid in South Africa and a mother who traveled around the world consulting with the UN on democratic elections, she grew up having justice-oriented conversations at the dinner table. 

This can be a scary time to share our ideas, thoughts, hearts and work online, especially if we are empaths, highly sensitive, or naturally more private or quiet. 

And also, with the rush of social media and online business training ingrained into us, it can be easy to unintentionally co-opt or capitalize on important issues without meaning to.

In this convo, we dive into how to share in a way that is intentional and sensitive to big traumatic world events…even if you’re in the middle of a launch.

Listen in.

Nisha and I talk about

  • The importance of holding the framework of “we’re learning” so we don’t get attached to “how do I do it RIGHT”
  • How people are willing to give one another more grace when we’re met with genuine openness, receptivity and humility
  • The blurry line between sharing our experiences and centering our own experiences
  • What it means to be willing to “learn in public” for those of us who have an online business or share parts of our lives and work online
  • How can we slow down, come into our humanity, and connect with what is happening and who it’s happening to?
  • Why using your voice requires you to face your internal perfectionism and attachment to being seen as right or good

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