“The Guide to NOURISH Your Body, DOUBLE Your Energy…
And Still Have Time to RUN A BUSINESS!”

HeAdriaredllo lovely!

Let’s get one thing straight: I am not a chef.

Though I find a certain peace when chopping veggies, I love eating more than cooking and like you I DON’T WANT to spend HOURS in the kitchen!

I created this cookbook to share my secret with you. Meals that let me eat mouth-watering vegan dishes and still have time to live my life!

Warm Regards, Adria

“Quick and Dirty Clean:
Raw Till Dinner Meals for Busy Folks”

Don’t buy this cookbook unless you want to:

  • Spend LESS time in the kitchen!

  • EAT CLEANER (but are unsure how to get started)!

  • Find out how SWIFT and EASY it is to prepare raw or vegan food!

“I dare you to make only one!”

Denise Lentil Eggplant Steaks

Love the recipes; they’re easy and satisfying. Keep this new book close and enjoy every recipe. I have tried already four of them, and they are great. I dare you to make only one!

Denise Richer, Val-Morin, QC, Canada

Quick and Clean 3d coverWhy is this ebook different from all the other Raw or Vegan cookbooks out there?

I purposely limited the recipes to only 20 because I don’t want to overwhelm you with too many choices. Studies show that difficult decisions result in a lack of action. And I want you to take action!

  • It’s also a daily eating guide!

    In 75 pages, this ebook coaches you through your day eating High Raw – “Raw and Fruity Breakfasts”, “Mostly Raw Lunches”, and “Cooked Dinners”. With some “Low Fat Raw Desserts” thrown in as treats. Also includes a bonus chapter on “Building Health Beyond Diet” and sections on “Ingredient Profiles”, “Vegan Nutrition”, “Raw Kitchen Tools”, and more.

  • Healthfulness first!

    Based entirely on whole plant foods. All the recipes are gluten-free and soy-free and they don’t use oil, salt, flour, or salt. Vegan. Nutrition facts are included for every recipe. Works with low fat diets while other raw recipe books often rely on nuts, seeds, and oils, making meals over 60% fat!

  • Recipes are quick and simple!

    Most of the recipes take less than 20 minutes to make and several take less than 10. The cookbook comes as an electronic download so no waiting for the mail. You could be reading it within 5-10 minutes and making recipes from it in 15!

  • Flavorful but open to inspiration and imagination!

    Taste-approved by a team of 18 wonderful (and third party) recipe testers. And verified… Yum! The recipes are also entirely customizable. Variations are provided for many ingredients and alternate ideas are suggested throughout recipes. Every recipe has a quality photo. So you can flip through and be inspired to get in the kitchen!

Here’s a sampling of the meals:

Apple Pie Bowl

Apple Pie Bowl

Sweet and Tangy Salad

Sweet and Tangy Salad

Pumpkin Amaranth Porridge

Pumpkin Amaranth Porridge

Orange Tahini Macro Bowl

Orange Tahini Macro Bowl

Overnight Buckwheat

Overnight Buckwheat

Southwestern Salad

Southwestern Salad

And more…

This cookbook is a digital ebook, no waiting a week for a physical copy to arrive in the mail. Meaning, you could be reading it within 5-10 minutes and making recipes from it in 15!

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I take great care with your order and personal details and use the best and most secure payment system and offer a 30 day MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

Quick and Clean 3d cover

“And the apple pie bowl – there are no words for this goodness!”

When you decide to make a life change and really focus on healthy eating you’ll quickly realize that you are going to have to cook.

No way around it – food made in the home is always healthier, but if you don’t cook it can be daunting to know which flavors to combine or follow tedious recipes with too many expensive spices or ingredients.

This book just takes the guess work out of it all.

The flavors are simple, clean, and super tasty and the recipes take just a bit of time to put together so you can focus on the best part  – EATING!

Every recipe is totally guiltless which I love.

Perfect for new cooks or old school cooks like me looking to simplify and streamline my time in the kitchen and grocery store.  And the apple pie bowl – there are no words for this goodness!

Kathryn P. 

“For busy people with real lives… the Orange Tahini Macro Bowl rocks my world!”

Adria has put together a fantastic, easy, healthy cookbook for busy people with real lives. I love that she uses whole, nutritious foods and puts them together in creative & complimentary ways.

Steph Macro Bowl

The Orange Tahini Macro Bowl rocks my world!  The combination of flavors is incredible and it is so easy to make large batches of ingredients and put them together all week long.

Thanks for providing clean recipes that give me energy and make me feel great!

Stephanie V. Las Vegas, NV

“Fun and easy to make.”

Mary Ellen's version of my Sweet Crimson Collards substituted curly kale for collards.

I love to cook, and I love to try new recipes, and the recipes were fun and easy to make. I LOVE breakfast, and the buckwheat breakfast was very tasty- and so easy to put together.

All the recipes were very customizable – great jumping off points for additional creativity. The cookbook is a good one for some raw basics. A nice “get to know raw” primer.

Mary Ellen, North Dakota

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The Answer to My Most-Asked Question:

  • Where can I purchase a hard copy?

    This ebook is only offered in digital PDF format. It’s instant access and saves trees! 🙂

    Most people who purchase my ebook load it onto their e-reader – e.g. kindle, ipad, or phone. You can even place your laptop on the kitchen counter to look at while cooking (trust me, I’ve done it and it works).

    Each recipe and section is linked to in the table of contents so you easily click to the one you want to access.
     And remember, there are only 20 recipes and they are all targeted so you won’t have to paw through to find what you want or get lost in too many overwhelming and time-consuming choices.

    Still, I know there is something special about holding a physical book in your hands. You are, of course, welcome to print it out to make it easier to flip through. I’ve done this before and used black binder clips to hold it together on the side. Hope this helps!