#102 Navigating the Emotional Rollercoaster of Entrepreneurship

#102 Navigating the Emotional Rollercoaster of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is unstable. There are highs and lows in your income, your expenses, your client roster. And with that comes emotional equivalents.

Even if the work you do is helping others maintain good energy. I know that intimately because I used to be a burnout coach who’d hit burnout a time or two.

You’re human and it can feel VERY personal.

As a big feeler, I’ve had my share of intense emotion over the years I’ve been in business. And I know that the lows can be debilitating — they can energetically repel clients and suck the power out of consults.

I’ve learned a lot about what helps me manage those emotions.

I’m not saying I don’t have days where I want to pull the covers over my head or escape to the road with Steve on an adventure to avoid “real life”. But I know how to smooth out the flow so I enjoy the ride of being in business – mostly.

On today’s episode, I’m going to share some of my hard won lessons — from practical tools to mindset insights and resources to surround yourself with.

After all, there is no destination, only the journey. If you don’t enjoy yourself now, you’re at risk of losing the very freedom and ease you got into business to have.

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Listen in and you’ll learn:

You’ll hear:

  • Practices that work for me when I’ve hit an emotional wall
  • How to close up slow leaks that sap your energy over time and lead to emotional breakdowns and burnout
  • My story of rock bottom confidence, depression, sabotaging my business, and how I turned things around
  • How to set yourself up to more gracefully handle the highs and lows of entrepreneurship
  • The daily habits I use to surround myself with positivity and lightness

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