#185 Models for Sensitive, Introverted Leadership

#185 Models for Sensitive, Introverted Leadership

Often as introverts and sensitive folks in a loud, outward-focused world, we have needs that get overlooked or make us feel weak or “too much” in some way. 

Whether it’s a need to leave early from a social situation when we’re tapped out, or to retreat to private space to ride an emotional wave, or to have less work tasks in a day to ease overwhelm and fully focus on each, those needs matter.

We are allowed to set up our businesses and our work around the needs we have as sensitive introverts.

The problem happens when all we see are leaders who are “on” all the time, who answer messages instantly and engage vigorously online, who manage 20 clients and five offerings, who always have the loudest voice in the room, who go from meeting to meeting without needing to take the rest of the afternoon off to recharge, who are direct and bold and decisive and fast. 

When those are the leaders getting most of the airspace, we may think it’s not possible to be a successful introverted, sensitive, deep processing or quiet leader without changing who we are or living at our depleted edge all the time. 

But that’s not the case. It IS possible to do business the way your body & soul need it to be.

You just might need to see examples of people like you who are already doing it to understand that it’s possible. 

To recognize…
Ahhhh, there IS a way.” 
Oh, I get it. This is what that looks like.

That’s where modeling comes in. 

As in Role Models. Specifically Quiet Messenger Role Models. 

So how do we find more models of quiet leadership that represent us? 

That’s what today’s episode is all about. 

Listen in.

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