#67 How to Structure a Discovery Call that Doesn’t Feel Salesy AND Converts

#67 How to Structure a Discovery Call that Doesn’t Feel Salesy AND Converts

You’ve been on the phone with a potential client for 30 minutes, and you’re both still chitchatting.

When you finally get to how you can work together and name your price, she tells you it’s out of her budget and asks for a discount. Ultimately, she says she’ll think about it… except then you don’t hear from her again despite following up.

If this is what your sales consultations feel like right now, this episode of Unforgettable is for you.

What if this process could actually deepen your relationship with your potential client while at the same time empowering her or him to say “yes!”?

In this episode, I’ll share a 5-step framework for how you can go from wishy-washy to taking lead and never feel like a pushy robot as you turn calls into clients.


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  • Not sure what to say when people ask you what you do? If you’re a life coach, health coach, healer, or another mission-driven business owner who is frustrated trying to find a niche in alignment or talk about what you do in a way that your potential clients know why they need you, I want to support you. Sign up here to get a free Get Clarity Call this month. There are 10 spots available (and you can get a feel for how I run discovery calls, too!).



P.S. In the next episode, I’m going to share my go-to tips for cleaning up your discovery call process so you can more easily and comfortably convert potential clients into paying ones. Talk to you then!

Hi! I’M ADRIA DECORTE, M.S., Clarity Coach

Drawing on my experience as a TEDx speaker and my architecture background, I help women coaches get clear on what they really do and communicate it so their ideal clients know why they need them and are excited to pay them.


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Hi! I’M ADRIA SOPHIA, Message Clarity Guide, TEDx Speaker, and host of the Quiet Messenger Podcast. I lead cozy Messenger Masterminds where I help introverted women leaders & sensitive souls tap into the message that moves them then clearly & courageously share it so they can call in their people…and their next level of impact.