#106 How to Be More Consistent in Your Marketing

#106 How to Be More Consistent in Your Marketing

Are you all over the place, not quite sure what you’re talking about? Or maybe you post when you feel like it which means there are huge gaps where you seem to disappear on your audience.

Six years ago when I was creating content for my old brand Healthy Vegas Vegan, one week I’d talk about meal plans… the next I was sharing my fitness regimen… then the next week I was sharing my DIY shampoo recipe… then came my go-to meditation practice…

And this would have been fine, but there was no thread that tied it all together. Then later on in my business, I’d often be stuck on what to write about so I would miss weeks.

All of this meant I wasn’t getting known for any one thing.

Which meant that despite all the effort, I was definitely not calling in clients. I needed to meet someone in person at an event and have a deep conversation. That was fine until consistently going to networking events became draining as an introvert.

And to be honest, in the back of my head was a nagging voice that reminded me that I got into this coaching thing with the dream of creating a business that attracted clients online. Which I wasn’t doing.

Since then, I’ve learned the hard way that consistency matters big time to the connection you’re building with your people.

Consistency both in:

  • Showing up regularly so you build trust and relationship with your people over time
  • Having a consistent thread through all your content that gets you known for one thing

Which is why I wanted to have a heart to heart with you about this on Unforgettable and share how to set yourself up to be more consistent in your marketing.

Deeper support from me:

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