#81 How I Use 5-Day Challenges to Nurture Relationships

#81 How I Use 5-Day Challenges to Nurture Relationships

I’ve listened to other challenge recap episodes where podcasters talk about their numbers and stats and conversions for challenges.

This isn’t that show.

Don’t get me wrong, I love those accounts and find them fascinating.

But what I’ve learned by running 6 challenges over the last few years is that when you’re a coach, each connection you make with each individual person matters.

For me, it’s not about the numbers. I’m not in the business of marketing. I’m in the business of transformation.

And I’m betting you are too.

That’s why, in this new episode, I take you behind the scenes and share:

  • How I nurture people and relationships through my challenges
  • My process to facilitate mini-transformations over the course of a week
  • How I craft the “user experience” as people move through my challenges
  • My top three principles for showing up in service (that naturally lead to clients)


  • I have one spot left in May for a 1-1 Message Clarity VIP Day if you’re ready to unlock clarity on your message, where you’re stuck, or what you’re pivoting into so you can hit the ground running immediately.
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P.S. Next week I chat with Steph Crowder from the Fizzle Podcast AND the Courage + Clarity Podcast about merging what you’re good at with what your people want.

By the way, did you catch my interview on her show?? Check it out here. I may or may not drop the name of my first business… prepare to be surprised.


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