#139 [Hotseat] Identify What You Do Beyond “Make People Feel Better” with Kim Pendleton

#139 [Hotseat] Identify What You Do Beyond “Make People Feel Better” with Kim Pendleton

Have you ever felt like your work could help so many different types of people and go in many different directions?

If so, today’s episode is for you! Listen in.

Kim Pendleton is a powerhouse at the intersection between women’s sexuality + trauma recovery who gives women sacred space to unveil their soulful, sexy side—to heal from the past, find their way home, and have more of that juiciness in their lives everyday.

Her own story has themes of religious deconditioning, sexual assault and trauma, a messy divorce, and ultimately reclaiming her body. She helps her people be more in touch with their body, reconnect to their partner, have better sex.

So many people need her work. It could be for divorced women, married women, for men, and many other situations and life points people are at…

Consequently, narrowing down who it speaks to has felt challenging!

Can you relate? This is one of the top niche struggles people come to me with. Especially Free Spirit Messenger Archetypes like Kim.

In this episode, I took Kim through my process to discover what to say in her marketing that really captures her people.

Tune into our exploration in honing her niche, her messaging, and her people.

We talk about:

  • Drilling down into what she actually does (besides make people “feel better”) and the places she still feels fuzzy
  • How to find THE direction when you feel like goldilocks, trying on all the different options
  • My process for determining what language will resonate with your people and how your story fits into your messaging
  • Her inner voice saying do you deserve to get paid for telling the truth about this and being yourself? (And why doing that rewrites the social rules of what counts as “work”)
  • The resistance she had early on to talking about herself in her marketing — how much to make it about you and how much about your people

Deeper support from me:

  • My Messaging Intensives are for coaches wanting to land on a clear, cohesive way to express the story of their work and their place in it. 

Resources from the Episode:

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