#145 [Hotseat] How to Lead By Example & Be Relatable, Not Preachy

#145 [Hotseat] How to Lead By Example & Be Relatable, Not Preachy

Ever had people think you’re so lucky for the body/health/marriage/lifestyle you work hard for?

Kristen is another smart, big-hearted woman coach in the fall round of my quarterly Messenger Mastermind. (Enrolling now for January & April.)

She wants to inspire allied healthcare professionals who are burned out to take intentional action in their lives. But as a mom and healthcare practitioner herself, it can feel like she’s not in the club if she’s not stressed out or chooses not to eat the donut. “You’re so healthy. You have it all together. You have so much willpower.”

They think because she’s on the other side of it, she doesn’t understand.

They don’t think they can do what she’s done. So they don’t listen.

Her question: “How do I lead by example without sounding preachy?”

My advice? Listen in.

Kristen & I talk about:

  • How to go deeper than “hey I did this and so can you” when your people are stuck thinking they can’t get to where you are
  • Why before they’re going to hear all your solutions, your people need to feel like you actually understand the problem
  • How to “show not tell” with your personal story to help someone go from “that’s easy for healthy people” to being empowered to make changes
  • The power of deep empathy for your people 
  • How to create a foundation of understanding and find THE moment with the most resonance in your story

Deeper support from me:

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