#29 Heather Chauvin – Ease & Alignment in Work and Parenting

#29 Heather Chauvin – Ease & Alignment in Work and Parenting

I see many business owners who hold this belief (unconscious or not) that you are supposed to be exhausted and burnt out when you’re growing a business and raising a family.

In this episode, I talk to Heather Chauvin, host of the Mom is in Control Podcast, about how she overcame being addicted to the struggle. We cover boundaries, surrendering, and how to start feeling in alignment in your work AND parenting.

“My goal is to always find ease. So if someone is making something difficult for me, I say this isn’t working out.” – Heather Chauvin

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In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to create space and time to live the life you want (even if you usually over-give)
  • The small but powerful tweak that keeps her mornings calm even when she has to get her three sons up and out the door for school
  • Her technique for overcoming “the yellow zone” (when she wants to punch her kids in the face) using non violent communication
  • How I use the energy of specific podcasts to set the tone for my day (whether it be inspiring, relaxing, energizing…)
  • Why running (and crossing the finish line of) a half marathon made her a better businessperson

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