#4 Getting Out of Your Own Way with Copywriter Stefanie Frank

#4 Getting Out of Your Own Way with Copywriter Stefanie Frank

On this episode of the Feed Your Hustle Podcast, I talk with Stefanie Frank, a driven business woman with an ability to keep moving forward and barrel through challenges with shear determination.

We talk about overwhelm and the resistance she often has to eating well, how she’s found peace with occasionally falling off the wagon, and tie it all together with how she takes time off and uses down time to recharge and power through.

Stefanie Frank quit her job as a litigation attorney in 2006, started a business that failed within a year, and discovered triathlon. After finishing the Silverman half iron distance triathlon in November, 2008, she founded a writing business – and realized her purpose was to help high achieving, values based businesses connect and develop relationships online – through powerful gimmick-free writing.

Stef has helped businesses across industries communicate clearly and authentically to connect with their ideal clients – her clients and audiences have experienced powerful shifts in the way they see themselves and their stories.  Stef is a proud graduate of the UNLV Honors College (and received the Honors College Alumni of the Year Award in 2001) and Gonzaga School of Law.

Stef is also a powerful storyteller and my TEDx accountability buddy – we’re both talking at TEDxFremontEastWomen in May 2015. (Yep, I’m taking the stage with a talk titled “How food fuels hustle” 😉 )

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How someone who doesn’t like to meal plan, grocery shop, or cook eats well during the workweek (even when she’s feeling overwhelmed)
  • What she does one week out of every month to keep her feeling free and recharged
  • How she moves her body right now and why it’s critically different from training for triathlons 
  • Her go-to snack for feeding her hustle (that she always brings to our coworking sessions)
  • The never-before-shared secret that gets her unblocked and inspiration flowing 
  • The technique she uses to eat well even when it’s hard to tear away from projects (hint: this comes from my bag of tricks)

Mentioned in this episode:

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