#30 Eating Healthy Without Stressing Over the “Perfect” Diet

#30 Eating Healthy Without Stressing Over the “Perfect” Diet

As Type A, high-achieving women, we often dive into a “healthier” diet by making decisions about what we should eat based on the advice of experts, without even consulting how those foods make our own unique body feel. (I know I’m guilty of that!)

This can easily swing us in the direction of over-controlling and result in stress and internal pressure to eat the perfect diet as well as guilt when eating “bad” foods.

This is an episode not to be missed! I discuss a philosophy which filters into all the work I do: Balance Not Perfection… And how you can incorporate it to feed your hustle without overwhelm. 

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How have you felt out of balance around food… and what small step are you taking this week to find Balance Not Perfection?

Warmth and joy,

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As an Architect turned Plant Scientist turned Healthy Living Strategist, I help female entrepreneurs who don’t want to choose health over hustle make healthy living part of their business plan.    


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