#135 Cut Through the Noise By Being You with Cohost Jess Tomlinson

#135 Cut Through the Noise By Being You with Cohost Jess Tomlinson

Ever feel like it’s noisy out there and your people can’t hear you? Well, listen up because I’ve got something important to tell you.

Even if someone else has the same message and works with the same people, it doesn’t matter.

Because the Messenger is part of the message.

When it comes to calling in your people, deeper clarity on who they are is half the equation, but YOU are the other half.

That’s why I brought my bestie Jess Tomlinson onto Unforgettable to take you behind-the-scenes of our journeys to embracing the parts of ourselves that make us US and add aliveness to our messages.

Jess is a visibility, leadership and business coach and intuitive guide helping women entrepreneurs release how they think they “should” operate in business and instead become the truest embodiment of themselves.

Listen in.

Listen to learn:

  • Why our “selfish” motivations for doing our work are more powerful than our “beauty queen” responses
  • How Jess has been shamed for her playful side and called a cheerleader – and how she learned to embrace that part of herself
  • How I denied my shy quiet side for years in business and what allowed me to accept being both The Expressive and The Sensitive Soul
  • What being addicted to “likes” really does to us and what to turn to instead
  • Why other people thinking you’re authentic is a false gauge for aligned messaging
  • Why canned marketing strategies don’t work for either of us and what we’ve had to do instead 

Deeper support from me:

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  • My Messaging Intensives are for coaches wanting to land on a clear, cohesive way to express the story of their work and their place in it. 

Resources from the Episode:

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