#136 [Case Study] How Life Coach Michelle Wood Got Her Message Heard

#136 [Case Study] How Life Coach Michelle Wood Got Her Message Heard

If you’ve ever felt like you know who your people are yet they’re not listening to your marketing…

If you’ve ever felt like you just didn’t know how to meet your people where they’re at…

If you’ve ever felt all over the place in what you’re saying, and your words weren’t landing for your people…

You’re going to want to listen to this episode of Unforgettable.

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It’s time to tap deeper into who you serve & infuse that in your messaging.

I brought on one of my brilliant, soulful Mastermind clients to take you inside how she’s gotten deeper clarity on how to message her work so she catches her people where they’re at ~ rather than talking right over their heads. (Such a normal struggle!)

Listen in.

We talk about:

  • How hard it was to take her “expert hat” off and market to the busy women she supports in a way that lets them know she’s talking to them
  • What the resistance she had to being pigeon-holed as a “mom” coach really meant and how she used it to create more connection
  • How to connect your core message and who your people are to your overall marketing so it’s all cohesive and gets you known for your work
  • Why knowing WHO her people were didn’t help her connect in her marketing – and what DID
  • How we chose an optin freebie for her that would make her people listen up rather than losing them because they don’t think it’s relevant 

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Resources from the Episode:

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