A heartfelt THANK YOU to those who participated in our very first FINDING YOUR BALANCE IN VEGAS EVENT 2014!

The energy in the room was incredible and you really engaged with your full self. I believe in your personal power to create the joyful and balanced life you deserve. Truly I do.

We had a full house at 63 people and yet it felt powerful and intimate. Amazing speakers, sponsors, and behind the scenes team. I’m blown away by your motivation and dedication to making our community healthier and more balanced!  Sign up below to keep updated with in formation regarding the next Balance in Vegas Event.

Your deeply touched host,
Adria DeCorte


Action-oriented learning in a fun and interactive atmosphere. Join 6 passionate wellness experts. 
  • Improve your self-confidence and self-reliance!
  • Reach your maximum potential in career and life!
  • Increase your energy, productivity, and engagement!
  • Become a wellness role model!

Read the full article for all the juicy details and a peak inside the vision for this activating, game-changing event.

What to Expect


        • Healthy Meal Prep Class
        • Time-Saving Workout Training
        • Plant-Based Nutrition Chat
        • Mindfulness Coaching Session
        • Hands-On DIY Natural Beauty & Ayurveda
        • Creating Your Wellness Action Plan
        • and More…


        Our Event Sponsors:   Header9logo_FINAL_outlines-1-90-Height-copy  Bikram-Yoga-GV Emotions-of-Light-Photography-300x66      Take-it-Easley-200  UHG-Logo  Sunrise-Coffee-Logo-200-by-250  wild-page-logo-copy  TMM-Logo  Vita-Coco-Image  Garden-Grill-1 Vegas-Valley-Organics-copy    crave-balance-bars-logo_2  UpAllDayLogo-copy         





  8:00 Registration and Social Mixer
8:30 Welcome Remarks
– Time-Saving Workout Training with Rawlins Apilado/ RAW Fitness Club
9:25 FOOD
– Healthy Meal Prep Class with Stephanie Viviani/ Veg Out Las Vegas
– Plant-Based Nutrition Chat with Sari Dennis / My Wellness Counts, LLC
10:45 Stretch / energize and snack break
10:55 MIND
– Mindfulness Coaching Session with Lisa Ulshafer/ Empowered Living
11:35 BEAUTY
– Hands-On DIY Natural Beauty & Ayurveda with Adriane Robles/ Skin to Soul Skincare
12:15 Stretch / energize break
12:20 BALANCE 
– Creating Your Wellness Action Plan with Adria DeCorte/ Healthy Vegas Vegan
12:50 Raffle
1:00 pm Event Ends  

Visualize the Full Experience


8:00 – 8:30 AM MORNING MIXER

  Wake up with our 8am morning mixer to meet the speakers and fall in love with your fellow attendees! We’ll serve fair trade coffee and tea along with Green Smoothies.  

1. FITNESS 8:45 AM RawlinsApilado

  Simple ways to fit in fitness.   Have you used the excuse before of having no time to exercise? Rawlins will debunk that myth and make it simple for you. He’ll teach you how to maximize your fitness time and lead you through some heart-pounding exercises that prove that yes you really do have the time! There will be modifications for all fitness levels – from true beginner to gym rat – so you can implement what you need for the place in your life.  

2. Food 9:25 AM



  Tips and tricks for cooking with whole foods.   Steph’s business – Veg Out – is one of my favorite places to pick up healthy but deliciously comforting meals for the week. She’ll show us how to make a recipe using real plant foods, taking you through how easy it really can be. You’ll learn some basic tips and techniques and come away feeling more comfortable. Plus we’ll all get to taste the delicious food she prepares!  


  The nutrition behind eating a clean, plant-based diet.   Sari will lead you to a basic understanding of healthy nutrition that you can apply to your life. She’ll break through pervasive myths and teach you what a healthy day of eating looks like. If you feel clueless about what eating plant-based means, you’ll learn why adding more plants to your diet will help you reach your health goals regardless of whether you are an omnivore or vegetarian!  


3. MIND 10:55Lisa Ulshafer 150x150

  Cultivating mindfulness and stress management.   The next step after paying attention and tapping into our physical selves with food and fitness is being fully conscious of our mind and the thoughts we think. Lisa will lead us through exercises that open our eyes to the power our minds have over our physical reality. You’ll take time to examine your own thoughts and make a plan for positive tweaks.  


4. BEAUTY 11:35Adriane Robles

  Natural beauty and taking time to love your skin.   Your skin is highly absorbable so what you put on it affects your overall wellness. Adriane will teach you how to avoid the worst chemicals and what you should do for beautiful healthy skin. You’ll get a holistic education rooted in the principles of Ayurveda and will even have time designated to discovering your own individual dosha and make your own skincare.  

5. BALANCE 12:20Adria_casual_cropped-150x150

  Balancing food + fitness + beauty + mind and ENJOYING life.   Wellness overwhelm is a real obstacle for many of us. Often we know exactly what we should do – but that doesn’t mean we do it. To cap off this workshop, Adria will walk you through putting together your wellness action plan – the series of actions you are going to start the very next day, building on the momentum of the workshop. We’ll keep it simple, targeted, and completely doable so that you take action and change your life!   For an in depth article with extra juicy details, go here.

  Your Expert Guides  

BALANCING food, fitness, beauty, and mind




  Balancing food + fitness + beauty + mind and ENJOYING life.    Combining an M.S. in Environmental Science with her passion for wellness, Adria empowers veg-curious women to find joy in a healthy lifestyle. She recently published a mostly raw cookbook Quick and Dirty Clean, targeted towards helping busy folks eat healthy real foods-based meals without spending hours in the kitchen.  She is a wellness coach and advocate for reducing stress and loving life while living consciously and with purpose. Her passion is in educating and motivating women through weekly Take Action Tuesday e-newsletters, online courses, and speaking engagements.   Her website Healthy Vegas Vegan was created to fill the need for balanced and action-oriented guidance supporting women overwhelmed by the depth of wellness information available. Areas of focus include practical advice for eating real foods, fitness, natural beauty, living mindfully, and navigating tricky social situations.   Learn about Adria’s journey to Balance on the About the Host page.  

FOOD – Plant-Based Nutrition Chat


  The nutrition behind eating a clean, plant-based diet    Sari Dennis is a Board Certified Health and Wellness Counselor and PCRM Food for Life Cooking Instructor. As the founder of My Wellness Counts, LLC, Sari works with professionalism and compassion, guiding her clients to prioritize their health by connecting sound nutrition with healthy lifestyle choices. Sari received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, is Certified by Purchase College of the State University of New York (SUNY), and Accredited through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).  

My Wellness Counts is a personalized, one-on-one program, focusing on the care and well being of the client. Experience has shown Sari that having a mentor dedicated to her client’s success can make all the difference. Sari’s supportive approach inspires lasting change resulting in clients gaining confidence, knowledge and the practical tools needed to empower them to take charge of their health.   Sari knows what it is like to struggle with physical and emotional challenges, and how wonderful it feels to finally overcome those obstacles that inhibit one’s ability to live a full and happy life. “Nutritional excellence has paved my path to vibrant health”.  It is Sari’s mission and passion to make a difference in the lives of her clients by developing their understanding of nutrition and advocating healthy living.



FOOD – Veg Cooking Class


  Tips and tricks for cooking with whole foods.      Stephanie Viviani’s playful, explorative spirit comes through in her cooking.  Constantly inspired by her healthy husband but with a Pennsylvania Dutch cooking background, she strives to make great tasting comfort food using whole, fresh, unprocessed plant foods containing no added oils.   Stephanie feels a great sense of accomplishment when she can share healthy, delicious foods with vegans & omnivores alike.  She is proud of every vegan meal she & her husband’s company, Veg Out, has provided for the Las Vegas valley & beyond and the effect those meals have on the customer’s health & well-being.  

FITNESS – Group Workout



  Simple ways to fit in fitness.   Rawlins has been fortunate to do what he loves and that’s helping people be a better version of themselves!  As a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, he has had the opportunity of challenging people to push pass their potential and discover things about themselves they never imagined possible.   With a passion for movement and music and being able to express it in all formats and styles, group exercise is one way he is able to share this passion.  Whether it’s INSANITY, Zumba, BodyCombat, Turbo Kick, Hip Hop Hustle, PiYo, Indoor Cycle or even an Athletic Training class, Rawlins loves creating communities to move and groove!   In his adventures in life, Rawlins has learned from so many amazing people.  From building businesses, traveling abroad, performing in a traveling theatre troupe across the nation, dance competitions and exhibitions, and even becoming a BeachBody Master Trainer, Rawlins has been challenged in so many ways to constantly evolve.  As a vow to thank all those people that have touched his life, Rawlins continues to pay it forward by sharing his discoveries and experiences with others.  

BEAUTY – DIY Natural Beauty Demo

  Adriane Robles

  Natural beauty and going product-free.   Adriane is a Licensed Aesthetician who believes in Holistic Wellness to address skin & body care needs. She has over a decade of medical experience which led her towards a more natural, healing approach. She is a member of the Nevada Holistic Chamber of Commerce and consistently strives to learn new ways to help her clients out.   Her approach to skincare is to find balance in Mind, Body, & Spirit with a focus on Ayurvedic healing treatments. Adriane’s philosophy in life is to live a compassionate and cruelty free lifestyle.  

MIND – Mindfulness Coaching Session


  Cultivating mindfulness and stress management.   A graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Psychology, Lisa is a Transformational Life Coach® and Inspirational Speaker dedicated to helping people live an empowered life.   Lisa uses a process that assists people in freeing themselves from negativity, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors.   Lisa has a natural ability to lovingly communicate and respond to others as she guides people to a place where they feel safe enough to commit to their own path of healing and to forge ahead in their journey.  



Our Team:

 Adria DeCorte   @healthyvegasveg | facebook.com/healthyvegasvegan   Hi, I’m Adria, host of Finding your Balance in Vegas and creator of Adriadecorte.com.   

Adria_professional   Combining an M.S. in Environmental Science with my passion for wellness, I empower veg-curious women to find joy in a healthy lifestyle. I do this through wellness coaching, a blog, weekly Take Action Tuesday e-newsletter, cookbook, online courses, and speaking engagements.   My own journey towards wellness began several years ago with the goal of losing 40 pounds. After extensive research on plant-based nutrition, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle and then implementing everything into my own life, I had a critical aha moment…   In seeking perfection, I was too strictly following rules, and not leaving room to ENJOY life. I finally understood that what made me happiest was Balance, not Perfection.   I began to assemble pieces from each of the modalities I had studied into a balanced way of living, not just eating. This was the origin of the four branches of Balance that we explore in the Balance in Vegas workshop: Food, Fitness, Beauty, and Mind.   You don’t need to wait until the workshop to get started. Visit my website right now to find immediate inspiration, motivation, and practical advice to overcome wellness overwhelm and reach your own balance!   Learn more about my mission and website on the speakers page.  

  2/27/14 Ericka Aviles LVCVA Business Marketing Manager

Ericka Aviles

@erickaaviles   Ericka loves everything Las Vegas! Having grown up here, she has had the opportunity to work and play in the best backyard in the world. Currently she works in Public Affairs at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority whose mission is to promote Las Vegas as the premier destination for business and leisure travel.   In her free time she loves to spend time with her friends and family, work out whether it’s via gym, bikram yoga or hiking. She also likes to spend time with her dog Rico and travel throughout the world.   She is always looking to continue learning and growing and has a passion for helping Las Vegas become a better place to live and find “balance” in.   




Katharine Meczka 
Director of Campaign Marketing
Luxor/Excalibur Hotel and Casino   Growing up in Southern California, Katharine stayed fit as a child and teen, thanks to year-round soccer, water polo and beach volleyball.    Enter the freedom of college where late nights filled with pizza and beer quickly replaced working out, and by graduation, the ‘Freshman 15’ had turned into the ‘Senior 25.’ Transitioning into her first ‘grown-up’ job, she felt sluggish and uncomfortable.  Despite years of fad diets, it wasn’t until her mid-20’s when that weight finally fell off, thanks to a newly discovered love-affair with running.   As Campaign Marketing Director at Luxor and Excalibur, Katharine loves her job promoting two of the most iconic places in Vegas, but always finds time for exercise and mindful eating.  She also enjoys hiking, yoga, traveling, and planning her upcoming wedding.  Living a life of balance and moderation is the ultimate goal!  





Jarrett DeCorte
Throw the Ball Media   A Las Vegas Native and Vegan by lifestyle preference, Jarrett has witnessed the population of Vegas steadily grow towards more healthy alternatives to eating, fitness and fun.  Despite its progress, there is still a gap where many people continue to be unhealthy due to the decisions they make in their everyday life.   With a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and Public Administration, Jarrett has been able to blend his passions of starting up businesses and being a consciouspreneur to find solutions to this health gap.  In addition to Adria’s website Healthy Vegas Vegan, he is developing several online businesses of his own that focus on health, healing and the general wellbeing of the planet.  His other passions include hiking the tallest mountains of the area and staying active.   Jarrett believes everything on the planet is connected and even the smallest positive change in a person’s life will bring progress towards the entire planet. If you want to change something, then start with yourself and be the person that you want others to be.  This Finding your Balance in Vegas workshop will be the beginning of many people’s journey and Jarrett is excited to be a part of this event even if it is the backend of operations.    



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