#82 Align Your Strengths With What People Want with Steph Crowder

#82 Align Your Strengths With What People Want with Steph Crowder

There was a time (pretty recently!) that I compared myself to biz friends who were rocking “strategies” and focusing on fine-tuning conversion rates.

And when I found myself deep in comparisonitis, I had a wake up call. That’s not me, it’s not my strength.

I’m all about the individual people. And transformation. And ideas that turn into core messages.

Thing is that being strategic is more about being intentional than about using step-by-step formulas.

That’s why I’m so excited to share with you the convo I had with Steph Crowder.

You may know her as being one third of the Fizzle show or from her own podcast Courage + Clarity.

In our convo, we talk about why the fear of niching is real (and bogus), why women building businesses need equal parts inspiration and instruction, and how she found her core message branching off of Fizzle and then built a successful brand around it in ONE year.

Two things I love about her: her use of the word “ruthless” and her whip-smart analogies. You’ll see. 😉


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Keep listening, and you’ll learn:

  • How to use curiosity to recreate that “I didn’t set out to create this business, it just happened” phenomenon
  • Why heading towards what’s working and you’re excited about is smarter than being “strategic” and plugging in something that’s supposed to work from the get-go
  • What different approaches led to a freebie that flopped and one that skyrocketed growth of her email list
  • The difference between days you feel super-productive and others you got “a lot” done but wasted your day

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