#76 3 Marketing Mistakes that Cost New Coaches Clients

#76 3 Marketing Mistakes that Cost New Coaches Clients

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Did you ever see the Tony Robbins documentary “I’m Not Your Guru”? Well, it’s on Netflix, and I want Steve to watch it with me.

But I made the mistake of jumping right into telling him that rather than FIRST figuring out why HE would want to watch it.

So our convo went something like this ~

Me: Hey babe. Would you watch this with me? He’s a self-development guy, and I’d really like you to see this.

Him: Mmmm no, I’ll pass. No thanks.

Bummer! Because now, every time I bring it up, he’s got it in his head that it’s this woo-woo thing and he’d be doing it as a favor to me.

When really, if I’d taken the time to first think about it from his perspective, it could have gone something like this:

Me: Hey babe, you know how you love shark tank? Well, I found this really great movie that takes you on the inside of how this entrepreneur runs his business. I thought we could watch it tonight if you want.

Him: Sounds cool, let’s do it.

Example #1 is what happens to your marketing when you don’t get clear, compelling messaging in place first. #2 is the magical shift that can happen when you actually do.

And it’s not manipulative. I know Steve would really like that documentary – he’d probably cry like I did. It’s finding the words to help them see why what you do is aligned with what they want.

That’s what I’m talking about on the podcast today: 3 way-too-common marketing mistakes I see coaches make that cost them clients. Listen to make sure you’re not making any of them.

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Starting with an honest convo with Jen Mavros on the #1 thing she’s done to set herself apart in a crowded coaching market and attract tens of thousands of dream clients & customers… from a place of love.

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