#27 Denise Duffield-Thomas – Body Image & Healthy Habits that Draw in Abundance

#27 Denise Duffield-Thomas – Body Image & Healthy Habits that Draw in Abundance

In this episode, Denise and I go beyond her usual money-mindset coaching, taking a peak behind the scenes at the healthy habits that feed her hustle, how weight fluctuation has affected her body image as a very visual role model for women, why decluttering is self-care, and recharging through doing things that totally aren’t related to your business.

“When you live from a place of abundance and trust, you’re going to feel better day-to-day.” – Denise Duffield-Thomas

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In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How weight fluctuation affected her body image as a very visual role model (and how she’s learned to love her body unconditionally)
  • How having a young daughter forces her to put more intention into her lifestyle
  • Why having less can mean abundance and decluttering is an overlooked form of self care
  • What an economy-class mindset is and why it holds us back from our ideal biz and lifestyle
  • Why feeling lighter led to more movement in ways that feel good to her
  • How having a hard time doing activities that aren’t work-related led to going to a crystal workshop
  • Why you should wear your best underwear or your favorite perfume now

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