#186 Being “On Brand” Doesn’t Work for Quiet Leaders

#186 Being “On Brand” Doesn’t Work for Quiet Leaders

If you’ve gotten a lot of solid, smart marketing advice from business programs BUT have been listening to your intuition and it’s telling you…

That some of the strategies you were given don’t actually mesh for you. 
That what you were being told to do felt like putting on a persona.
That the copy you created from that advice doesn’t really feel like you.
That the guidance didn’t jive with your introvertedness, your sensitivity.

Today’s episode of Quiet Messenger is for you.

And also…

When something feels off or performative to you, I see that as wisdom.

That’s the wisdom of your sensitivity.

It’s not something to be bypassed or pushed through. It’s not a sign you’re not enough of a badass boss or that if you just do it this way it’ll work. 

In this episode, I’m talking about where the line is between clarifying a cohesive brand message — and focusing on being “on brand” in your messaging

Because I’ve found being “on brand” really doesn’t work for Quiet Messengers, introverted leaders and sensitive souls. In fact, it can be damaging, especially for those of us wanting to shed what society says we should be and embrace who we truly are. 

Let this episode be your guide in showing up more yourself than being “on brand” ever could achieve. 

Listen in.

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