#52 Overcome Fear in Front of the Camera to Connect with Your Ideal Clients with Linda Ugelow

#52 Overcome Fear in Front of the Camera to Connect with Your Ideal Clients with Linda Ugelow

I see it all the time in clients. You’ve gotten clear on your message, your point of view in the industry.

Then seemingly out of nowhere, you hit a wall. Fears rear their head, you get stuck, and suddenly you’ve got all kinds of excuses to keep from pulling the trigger, from putting yourself out there and getting visible.

This is something I see hold entrepreneurs back from connecting with their audience, their ideal clients, over and over again once they get clearer in their communication.

To build off the episode I did last year with Marcie Mauro to find out whether you’re really stuck or if it’s fear of being seen, I brought on Confidence and Visibility Coach Linda Ugelow to help clear up all that resistance holding you back, so you can get comfortable being in front of an audience and not just get a video done but make it something you look forward to and enjoy.


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In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to work through resistance to being seen and heard when you are recording a video or sharing a stance in your industry
  • Why fear that comes up when you think about being visible is a GOOD thing (and why it’s – mostly – bad advice that all you need to do to get comfortable in front of your audience is to just do it)
  • Her forgiveness practice to release the fear she had around doing periscope live broadcasts (and how to teach your inner critic how you want to be spoken to)
  • Exercises to make being on camera feel like play rather than work AND to connect with your audience in a way that makes you feel energized and more YOU

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P.S. Next week I’ll help you find out what you really do. This will make others instantly place a higher value on your work. And it’s not your process, your tools, or your method…



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