The 3-Step Strategy to Making a Healthy Habit Stick

The 3-Step Strategy to Making a Healthy Habit Stick

Making a healthy lifestyle change is not hard if you break it down into manageable steps.

After 4 hours of learning about clean eating, simple fitness, natural beauty, and mindfulness, you can imagine that each attendee of my Balance in Vegas workshop had a notebook full of impressive notes.

But information means nothing without action. I capped off the workshop with the following wellness action planning exercise.

It helped them put into practice at least one habit
they learned at the workshop.

Attending my BiV workshop created a critical momentum for attendees that propelled them forward. Since you don’t Adria michave that momentum, read my article on what to do when you know what’s good for you but you just don’t wanna do it to learn my favorite substitute for momentum in a pinch.

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I’ll let you define “healthy” in your own terms. Because, after all, these are your goals we are talking about.

It might mean getting down to a healthy, happy weight. Or increasing your stamina with regular sweating at the gym. Or managing your stress with a daily meditation practice. Or even just smiling more by saying positive affirmations and mantras throughout the day.

Making Healthy Habits Stick (aka creating a stress-free wellness action plan)

Think “wellness action planning” sounds ominous? It doesn’t have to be. Here’s my simple 3- step process to set up straight-forward action plans that you actually follow.

  1. Strategize

    What small action are you going to start tomorrow? To be successful, your action step should be slightly uncomfortable (a bit of a stretch) but still doable in a way that you can visualize. E.g. Eat fresh veggies at every meal, try out meatless Mondays.

  2. Visualize

    Run through everything you need to do to put that action in motion. For example, if your action step was to start every day with 5 minutes of yoga.

    Make it super simple for you to follow through because uncertainty leads to inaction. Where your yoga mat will go, what are you going to wear, how will you move from the bed to your mat – will you brush your teeth first?

  3. Implement

    Take your action step as soon as possible. Start when you stop reading this article if you can. There is a small window of momentum you’ve created simply by deciding on and visualizing your action step. If you act within it, you have a greater possibility of creating a healthy habit.


  • Showing up is key. Consistency, dear reader.
  • Your plan can consist of just ONE action step. When you achieve it, build on it, evolving over time.
  • “Don’t do nothing because you can’t do everything.” ~ Colleen Patrick Goudreau, a mantra I live by.

Now your turn.

What’s your one action step that you are going to commit to? Cement it by saying it “aloud” in the comments for us all to hear. Then you’ll have to follow through! Muh-ha-ha…

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