#114 You Don’t Need to Change Your Niche, You Need to Deepen It

#114 You Don’t Need to Change Your Niche, You Need to Deepen It


  • You’ve got a niche and still your messaging is falling flat
  • You get crickets when you market
  • You’re not excited to talk about your message anymore

You probably don’t need to change your niche. You need to deepen it.

When this happens, often biz owners think the problem is that they haven’t found the exact right niche yet.

So they niche switch again and again, searching repeatedly for the RIGHT one that will make money and that will call in lots of people.

If ^that’s^ resonating, then episode #114 of Unforgettable is for you.

Now, I’m not opposed to people switching niches — IF it’s because you’re stepping more into alignment.

But if you keep niche-switching without first getting in place the principles I share in this episode, it won’t matter how many times you switch, you won’t find what you’re looking for.

Listen in.   

Listen in and you’ll learn:

  • How to go deeper with the niche you’re already in
  • My own story of realigning my niche
  • The solution if you’ve been feeling robotic and disconnected in your marketing

Deeper support from me:

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Drawing on my experience as a TEDx speaker and my architecture background, I help women coaches uncover the marketing message that lights them up AND communicates the value in their work so they can reach more people, scale their business, and start a movement.


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