Wyoming and Montana Photolog: My Healthy Road Trip Day 8

Wyoming and Montana Photolog: My Healthy Road Trip Day 8

Here’s the next installment of my healthy road trip across the United States and Canada. As I left Fort Collins and traveled north to Saskatchewan, we spent a long 14-hour day driving through some beautiful, isolated country of eastern Wyoming and Montana. Even though this is a short one, I felt it deserved its own post, if just for the landscape photos. Enjoy!

8. Wyoming windmill north of Cheyenne
The fields of Wyoming. Cattle grazing and lonely dirt roads.

Pulling over, getting out, and going for a walk in the roadside nature had become our standard leg-stretching technique as we reached day 8 of our journey. And a great way to get an up-close view of the countryside. These micro-hikes make the drive more about exploring and give you the boost of energy to finish out the day. Plus (almost) keep your butt from falling asleep in the car!

When we were driving through Gillette, Wyoming, we saw a produce stand at the side of the road and quickly turned in to check it out. We were rewarded with zucchinis, cucumbers, and corn.

8. Wyoming roadside produce stands Gillette
Gillette, Wyoming, picking up snacks from roadside produce stands

There were fresh cherries, so we decided to splurge on a special treat. The sweetness was a welcome snack during our long drive!

8. Wyoming cherries snack
Picked up 3 pounds of cherries for about $3.50/lb. Tasted incredible.

Here’s a few photos of the beautiful country we drove through.

8. Wyoming prairie north of Gillete
Wyoming, north of Gillette
8. Montana tree and field
North-eastern Montana

And finally, the border crossing! Northern border, that is. Make sure to allow some time for this one. We were crossing at a lesser-traveled location that only had one official and a four-car lineup. Took about 1/2 hour, but we had a beautiful view out our window. Check out the Canada/U.S. border fence below. The left side is Saskatchewan.

8. Montana Canada border
This fence line demarks the Montana/ Canada border before crossing into Saskatchewan.
8. Montana Canadian border
Here we come Canada!

Next post in the series, I’ll share our visit with family in Saskatchewan and our week staying healthy while living out of a popup trailer at the lake. The adventure continues!

Now your turn. Been to eastern Montana or Wyoming? Where’s your favorite place to cross the border? Leave it in the comments.

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