#111 Why Niching Down Helps You Show Up Authentically

#111 Why Niching Down Helps You Show Up Authentically

When you say “niching down” a lot of my clients get itchy. They worry that if they narrow in they’ll lose their sense of freedom.

Which is why the conversation I have on ep #111 of Unforgettable is so critical for our industry. Because, sadly, I see a lot of conversations around niching that talk about putting you in a category and add fire to that fear.

Niching has been on my mind a LOT as I put the behind-the-scenes pieces in place for my upcoming Niche Clarity Challenge.

That’s why I’m on a mission to shift our collective definition of “niching down” to the act of focusing on the people you want to call in so deeply that you KNOW them. You know what they’re going through and how to speak to that.

And that KNOWING frees you up to just be real and talk to them. (Because, hello, then you know who you’re talking to.)

When you define it that way…

Niching down frees you up to show up as more of yourself.

Instead of feeling constrictive, it allows you more depth with your people. It stops you from unconsciously censoring by filtering what you want to say based on whether it applies to all.

The end result: You start talking about things that matter – both to you and to your people. You to call in the RIGHT people for you, not just anyone with a face and a checkbook. Which leads to more fulfillment and less drain in your business.

Listen in.   

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