#115 When Your Business Evolves with Jess Tomlinson & Melissa Harman

#115 When Your Business Evolves with Jess Tomlinson & Melissa Harman

If you’ve ever shamed yourself for wanting to change the work you do, felt like you didn’t know how to re-align your business or messaging so that it feels energizing again, or grasped to your success because you just couldn’t bare building your email list again…

Episode 115 is for you.

The tables are turned, and I’m being interviewed by my biz bestie Jess Tomlinson along with our other bestie (and former business partner) Melissa Harman. We’ve seen each other’s businesses evolve a TON in the past five years we’ve been coworking, masterminding, or cheersing happy hour glasses of wine.

We’re taking you on the inside of what it really looks and feels like to embrace evolving messages and businesses from the perspective of three very different coaches.

Today’s episode was originally recorded on Jess’ Radiantpreneur Rising video show, but it was right on target for what’s on my heart and mind so I had to share it with you.    

Listen in.   

Listen in and you’ll learn:

  • How Melissa is leaning into visibility on video and her advice for how to do this, even though it isn’t something she enjoys
  • How I’m leaning into adding lightness and play to my messaging while still being vulnerable and standing on my soapbox
  • What we’ve all learned about creating content that is easy for our audiences to engage with
  • Our process for continuing to check-in about evolving our businesses and making the decision whether to stick with a focus or move on
  • How each of us have evolved through very different paths, but have similar experiences such as letting go of needing to push to make things work, tossing out thousands of people on an email list for a fresh start, and needing to rebuild everything
  • The ah-ha moments of recognizing our strengths that led us all from starting out in forms of the self care niche to becoming business coaches
  • One of the smartest decisions you can make to allow for your own evolution
  • How to move through the fears of change such as worry that your people won’t come with you, what will others think, shame of being a failure
  • Weaving in things you’re passionate about, and have helped people with in the past, so that it is relevant in your work now (and highlights your dimension as a person!)

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