#179 What is Messaging? What’s Values-Based Messaging?

#179 What is Messaging? What’s Values-Based Messaging?

Today begins a brand new season of Unforgettable! A season dedicated to taking us back to the foundations of messaging. 

Starting with…

What is messaging, really?

Believe me, I’ve heard a lot of myths and misunderstandings in the past several years I’ve been leading messaging workshops and Masterminds!

That it’s all about wordsmithing or dialing in your elevator pitch. 
That there’s a “right” way to do it — following formulas and scripts that work for others. 
That it’s about selling at all costs and has to feel icky or robotic to be successful. 

But when you’re a sensitive Messenger who cares deeply, values-based messaging is where your power lies.

Because there’s a difference between simply following copywriting rules and marketing tactics and messaging according to your integrity.

So, fresh on the heels of the Speaking to What Matters series, it’s time to re-define what messaging really is. 

We start with today’s episode, where you’ll learn the difference between core message and messaging plus how to reset how you think about messaging and start crafting messaging that’s in alignment with your values.

You’ll learn

Listen in.

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What’s your biggest takeaway about values-based messaging? Listen to the episode then let me know in the comments over on Instagram.


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