#178 What I Learned from 6 Social Justice Leaders About Messaging

#178 What I Learned from 6 Social Justice Leaders About Messaging

Closing out Speaking to What Matters: Conversations on Messaging for a More Just World, here is my personal debrief with specific aha moments and learnings I took away from each leader about how to show up for social justice in your messaging.

Listen in.

A Few Takeaways:

  1. You can’t slap up new inclusive messaging on your website and expect more diverse clients to come. Messaging is the end point after you’ve done the internal work and learning. (Hat tip to convos with Cher Hale and Trudi Lebron.)
  2. Be discerning. There’s no formula for knowing when to pass the mic / when to speak up / what to say / how to do any of this. (HT Erica Courdae and Nisha Moodley.)
  3. Be really clear, specific and explicit about who your work is for.More words vs collapsing people into narrow labels for the sake of tidy marketing. (HT Kelly Diels and Trudi Lebron.)
  4. Slow down.Harm often happens when we’re moving so fast and not taking time to be intentional and present and see the actual humans in front of us. (HT Tamala Poljak, Nisha Moodley, and Trudi Lebron.)
  5. Values-based marketing is when you attract people who don’t just have the problem you solve but who share the same values. (HT Trudi Lebron and Kelly Diels.)
  6. It’s not about being an “expert,” it’s about being a leader. And being a leader is more about how you show up than about doing it perfectly or right. (HT Nisha Moodley, Tamala Poljak and Erica Courdae.)  

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Did these conversations create any shifts or realizations for you? Anything you’re implementing into your business? Let me know in the comments of this episode’s post over on Instagram.


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