Be Motivated to Get Healthier at BALANCE IN VEGAS 2014

Be Motivated to Get Healthier at BALANCE IN VEGAS 2014

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Balance in Vegas workshop
Attend BALANCE IN VEGAS, my kick-butt wellness workshop on Saturday May 3, 2014.

But there’s something so powerful and action-propelling about being in the same room, feeling the energy of a crowd of engaged listeners and really connecting IN PERSON.

That’s why a few health-loving partners and I decided to organize the upcoming LIVE workshop Finding Your Balance in Vegas.

Together with 5 other passionate wellness experts, I’m hosting this half-day experience so you can FINALLY take a morning to create and implement a simple but effective wellness action plan!

(And, just to let you know, Earlybird ticket sales end this Friday April 11.)


Saturday May 3, 2014, 8:30 am – 1 pm The Center Las Vegas

This workshop will help you to:

  • Improve your self-confidence and self-reliance
  • Reach your maximum potential in career and life
  • Increase your energy, productivity, and engagement

Is it for you?

Are you “too busy” to go to the gym? How about too tired after work to cook a healthy meal? Or possibly you are overwhelmed by all the healthy lifestyle changes you should be making?

We, the Balance in Vegas team, completely understand this because we’ve been there!

That’s why we created this event for the busy, time-poor woman (or man!) to provide you with real action steps, hands on training, and life-changing advice.

You will leave this workshop with a simple, personalized wellness action plan you can implement immediately.

It will be action-oriented learning in a fun and interactive atmosphere. And true to it’s name, it will focus on my favorite wellness formula FOOD + FITNESS + BEAUTY + MIND = BALANCE.

What this means for you:

A different wellness expert will coach you on each of those above five branches of BALANCE. You get two experts for FOOD!

Let’s visualize the full experience

Wake up with our 8am morning mixer to meet the speakers and fall in love with your fellow attendees! We’ll serve fair trade coffee and tea with healthy plant-based snacks.

1. FITNESS 8:45 am RawlinsApilado

Personal Training Session
Rawlins Apilado, RawFitness Club

Simple ways to fit in fitness.

Have you used the excuse before of having no time to exercise? Rawlins will debunk that myth and make it simple for you. He’ll teach you how to maximize your fitness time and lead you through some heart-pounding exercises that prove that yes you really do have the time! There will be modifications for all fitness levels – from true beginner to gym rat – so you can implement what you need for the place in your life.

2. FOOD 9:25 am

Healthy Cooking ClassSteph Viviani Veg Out
Stephanie Viviani, Veg Out

Tips and tricks for cooking with whole foods.

Steph’s business – Veg Out – is one of my favorite places to pick up healthy but deliciously comforting meals for the week. She’ll show us how to make a recipe using real plant foods, taking you through how easy it really can be. You’ll learn some basic tips and techniques and come away feeling more comfortable. Plus we’ll all get to taste the delicious food she prepares!

Plant-Based Nutrition ChatSari-Dennis
Sari Dennis, My Wellness Counts

The nutrition behind eating a clean, plant-based diet.

Sari will lead you to a basic understanding of healthy nutrition that you can apply to your life. She’ll break through pervasive myths and teach you what a healthy day of eating looks like. If you feel clueless about what eating plant-based means, you’ll learn why adding more plants to your diet will help you reach your health goals regardless of whether you are an omnivore or vegetarian!

3. MIND 10:55Lisa Ulshafer 150x150

Mindfulness Coaching Session
Lisa Ulshafer, Empowered Living

Cultivating mindfulness and stress management.

The next step after paying attention and tapping into our physical selves with food and fitness is being fully conscious of our mind and the thoughts we think. Lisa will lead us through exercises that open our eyes to the power our minds have over our physical reality. You’ll take time to examine your own thoughts and make a plan for positive tweaks.

4. BEAUTY 11:35Adriane Robles

DIY Natural Beauty Demo
Adriane Robles, Skin to Soul Skincare

Natural beauty and taking time to love your skin.

Your skin is highly absorbable so what you put on it affects your overall wellness. Adriane will teach you how to avoid the worst chemicals and what you should do for beautiful healthy skin. You’ll get a holistic education rooted in the principles of Ayurveda and will even have time designated to discovering your own individual dosha and make your own skincare.

5. BALANCE 12:20Adria_casual_cropped

Your Wellness Action Plan
Adria DeCorte,

Balancing food + fitness + beauty + mind and ENJOYING life.

Wellness overwhelm is a real obstacle for many of us. Often we know exactly what we should do – but that doesn’t mean we do it. To cap off this workshop, Adria will walk you through putting together your wellness action plan – the series of actions you are going to start the very next day, building on the momentum of the workshop. We’ll keep it simple, targeted, and completely doable so that you take action and change your life!

Balance In Vegas Workshop

A few Awesome EXTRAS we’re throwing in for attendees

Raffle Prizes

As a thank you for registering in advance, you will be entered to win one of our sweet prizes, including gift certificates for premium spa services (massages!), veggie & fruit crates from my fav CSA Vegas Valley Organics, and a Garden Grill Gift Certificate so you can finally try those jackfruit tacos!

Green smoothies

If you’ve never truly gone green before, we’re going to kick off your new smoothie habit with your first. We’re having a green smoothie snack for everyone, provided by Urban Hydro Greens! Yep, that means that these smoothies will not only use greens, they will utilize nutrient-PACKED microgreens! If you are already tapping into the power of green smoothies, then you know it’s a tasty (yes, really) way to boost your energy.

What I realized a month into planning this

I created an event that the past version of myself (heck, the current version too!) would want (NEED) to attend to generate some major movement towards my wellness happy place.

Do you need a little jump start on your own journey to finding JOY in a healthy lifestyle?Tweet: Have you registered yet for a #wellness jump start at the Balance in #Vegas #workshop? with @healthyvegasv

Well then sign up already and join me! 😉

Warmth and joy,

P.S. Register and get your tickets here. Earlybird ticket sales end Friday April 11.

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