#25 Val Geisler – Banishing Overwhelm, Anxiety & Restriction

#25 Val Geisler – Banishing Overwhelm, Anxiety & Restriction

If you get anxious and overwhelmed with all the things on your business and life to-do list and maybe even forget to breath during the workday, this episode of Feed Your Hustle is for you. I chat with Val Geisler, a Client Experience + Systems Strategist who has the innate ability to think big picture and minute details at the exact same time. AND has a background as a yoga teacher.

“Feeding your hustle is feeding your brain.” – Val Geisler

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In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How she locks in self care even when she has appointments with clients scheduled all day
  • Her go-to morning drink before anything else goes in her body
  • The tweaks she made to her diet and exercise routine to manage anxiety with a new baby on board
  • What happened when she got too restrictive in her diet (and why she sometimes lets herself have a bowl of ice cream after a hot yoga class!)
  • Why it’s essential to start tuning in to whether you’re breathing while at the computer (I guarantee you hold your breath – try it)
  • Her tips for acing the virtual assistant hiring process (and why she says delegating is a muscle)

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How are you managing your breath this week?

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