#147 Up-Leveling Doesn’t Happen in Isolation

#147 Up-Leveling Doesn’t Happen in Isolation

Growth, healing, change, and up-leveling don’t happen in isolation.

That’s why your clients come to you. Because they aren’t able to do what they need to do in isolation.

As Messengers, we can’t do the growing, changing, and shifting that we need to do in isolation either.

When you’re a Messenger and a business owner, there’s so many things pulling you in all directions. It’s so easy to get sucked into the weeds and lose track of what’s really important for your impact.

Mentors keep you focusing on what’s important.

Yet, there’s something especially powerful about women coming together in small groups.

Listen in.

I talk about:

  • The power of having a circle with other women
  • My own experiences in groups I lead and am a participant in
  • How to find or create your own small group for continued expansion

Deeper support from me:

  • I lead Messenger Masterminds for women coaches ready to feel solid in their messaging so they can call in their people and next level of impact. Invite-Only. Only 6 spots.

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