#134 [The Tactician] Adding Emotional Resonance to Your Shares

#134 [The Tactician] Adding Emotional Resonance to Your Shares

If you’re super-smart at problem solving and teaching people how-to but you’re such an expert that you have a hard time crafting messaging your people relate to, episode 134 of Unforgettable is for you.

We’re talking about the part of you that is THE TACTICIAN. Your inner nerd, as I like to think of her. (Find out your dominant Messenger Archetype here.)

Listen in.

The Tactician’s superpower is EXPERTISE.

People count on her to educate and diagnose them, and she’s seen as intelligent and trustworthy.

Listen to learn:

  • What it means to be The Tactician or to have her within you (even if you’re dominant in another Archetype)
  • How to go deeper with who your people are
  • Why you don’t have to share the nitty gritty personal details of your life to get personal 

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