The Meal Templates I Use Every Day to Save Bandwidth

The Meal Templates I Use Every Day to Save Bandwidth

I have a ton of amazing things I’m fueling in my business right now – in just the last week, I auditioned for the TEDx stage (a HUGE milestone for me!), attended a killer mastermind put on by Peter Shankman, did healthy eating strategy sessions with clients, and worked behind-the-scenes to gear up for my podcast launch.

I’m guessing your list sounds similar so I’ve got one piece of advice to give you the energy you need to go for all those incredible opportunities without adding an extra ball to juggle.

Save recipes for special occasions and work off meal templates in your day-to-day life.

Recipes require thinking, strategizing, and real estate in your brain as you read the words and translate them into action. And I’m assuming you have so many other tasks you’d rather use that bandwidth for. (That’s why my clients hire me to do the strategizing for them!)

What are meal templates?

Meal templates, on the other hand, are just a simple framework that you can use to build each meal in a more intuitive way.

Because examples may be easier for you to visualize than an explanation, here are the ones I’m currently using:

  • Breakfast: green smoothie

  • Lunch: hearty salad with avocado and beans

  • Dinner: one-pot meal

This is pretty much the same every day. But the ingredients vary seasonally or based on what I have on hand so my meals may look wildly different from day to day or week to week.

Check out my what I share on Instagram if you don’t believe me – the meals I share there are usually variations of these three meal templates.

The beauty of this is that when I wake up in the morning, I know I’m making a green smoothie and have the template in my head for how to set it up.

All I have to do is grab out what I have on hand (fruit, seeds, greens, etc.) that fits into the template and blend.

For lunch, same thing. There are certain types of ingredients which form the backbone of the meal and then I toss in everything else I have on hand. Requires minimal thinking so I use the time to listen to a podcast, brainstorm, or catch up with my husband while my hands are busy.

Lucky for you, over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing more detail on my breakfast and lunch templates.

Suffice to say, if you always know what you’re making, it’ll be a snap to generate that wonderful upbeat energy we’re all looking for.

But Adria, why do you create your clients recipes then?

Good question! Thanks for asking. 😉

Yes, the personalized Plant-Powered Meal Plans I create are founded on recipes (actually, an entire cookbook custom-created for each client!)

BUT, my recipes have minimal ingredients and are incredibly flexible and forgiving. They are designed to become meal templates as my clients use them over and over and put their own spin on them.

Furthermore, they are set up to help the women who work with me incorporate more nourishing plant foods in their diet (with ease!) and get familiar with new foods that I think will be an asset to their energy management, digestion, or something else specific to them.

YOU do this naturally all the time by taking a recipe and making it your own.

Think about some of the favorite recipes you make almost every week – whether it be pasta, soup, or a sandwich. You learned it somewhere and then made it your own. Now, you can make it with any number of different ingredients and without looking at notes, right?

What’s one meal template you’re already making every week, if not every day?

Go ahead and share it in the comments because I want to know!

Warmth and joy,

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