The (In)visible Energy Drain that Sucks Away Your Hustle

The (In)visible Energy Drain that Sucks Away Your Hustle

Look around you right now. Do your surroundings make you feel positive and at peace?

Or is there something that feels stressful to look at?

Perhaps it’s a pile of papers on your desk you’ll get to later (but later never comes). Or your laptop screen has files all over the place. Or it takes ten minutes to search for a document in your dropbox account.

Clutter is an invisible energy drain that slowly sucks away your hustle.

You know how hard it is to concentrate when the radio is blaring commercials, people are talking in the room next to you, and your phone is pinging, demanding your attention?

Your external environmental affects your inner world.

These distractions lead to lack of focus, half-assed decisions, and a plummet in productivity (aka you have to work longer hours to get the same amount of work done).

BIG topic at Chalene Johnson’s Smart Success conference last weekend.

Today’s #FeedYourHustle Habit:

Take 5 minutes to declutter/ organize your office bubble.

Your bubble = everything you can see from your desk while you work. No need to make work harder.

What area of your office makes you twitch? Perhaps it’s the bookcase right across from you that’s a reminder every time you look up. Or your google drive folders where you never can seem to find the right client file.

What area are you decluttering? What distracts you most?

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Warmth and joy,

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