#74 The #1 Key to Getting Clients Through Speaking with Dr. Michelle Mazur

#74 The #1 Key to Getting Clients Through Speaking with Dr. Michelle Mazur

This is for you if you’re already speaking and want to make sure it leads back to you as a business owner so that you, ahem, get clients from it.

But it’s also for you if you’re taking your business seriously and want to leverage one of THE best tools for getting clients. Public speaking.

(I know that makes people cringe and that’s why I address it in my upcoming Get Clear, Get Clients on-demand program.)

Why do I love speaking?

It immediately positions you as the expert in the room, it introduces you to an entire room of people at once (versus networking which you have to have a bunch of convos), and being in person with people builds a much deeper faster connection and trust than online.

That’s why, in this episode, we’re not just talking about speaking for the sake of being on stage but rather speaking to get clients. And not just to get clients but to build a movement.

Because it all comes back to the mission behind your work.

A lot of my clients have done speaking and one of the top questions I get is where do I find audiences to speak to.

So that was what I planned to dig into with my guest, Dr. Michelle Mazur.

But our conversation, as usual, had a mind of its own and that wasn’t as simple a question as I thought. Turns out the answer was much more up my alley!


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Keep listening, and you’ll learn:

  • Why the more niched down you are, the easier it’ll be to find good speaking gigs
  • How to figure out what makes you a “Category of One” so you stand out from all the other speakers in your area
  • The 5 steps to creating a talk that moves your audience to action while simultaneously building your business
  • Why you need the same clarity to speak as to get people to hire you

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P.S. In the next episode, I’m sharing my 4-part formula for how to stand out from other coaches. This is a framework I’ve been developing for over a year through my work with 1-1 clients. It’s one that I highly recommend every single coach has in their toolbox, so make sure to tune in! To make it even easier, subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app so you get regular updates 🙂

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