Tasty Harmony: Vegan Dining in Fort Collins

Tasty Harmony: Vegan Dining in Fort Collins

For those of you that read my post about Fort Collins, Colorado, you will already know about my love affair with a little vegan restaurant called Tasty Harmony. Whenever we travel to this favorite town of ours, we always visit Tasty Harmony at least once.

We adjusted our route to make sure it went through the Fort during week 1 of our North American Road Trip, and we ate at Tasty Harmony twice in the three days we stayed. This is the kind of splurge allowed in our tight road trip budget. And by splurge, I also mean food splurge – like any restaurant food, I count it as special occasion food where I can eat a little less clean than I would at home.

Fort Collins Colorado Tasty Harmony storefront
Welcome! Low key with a wood picnic table out front and a relaxed, casual vibe.

On this past trip, we took our Fort Collins hosts out to Tasty Harmony for dinner. These were two wonderful friends who opened up their home (and kitchen!) to let us stay with them. Though they are open-minded and health-oriented, they are still meat-eaters. They impressed me by choosing some of the more “healthy” sounding options on the menu, and they thoroughly enjoyed the food. Further proof that you should never make any assumptions and always give people the chance to pleasantly surprise you.

Bike parking in Fort Collins, Colorado
The patio behind me is Tasty Harmony’s tiny outdoor seating area. We rode bikes to the restaurant. I think that just makes the meal taste even better.

Some past trips to the Fort we have totally splurged and dropped the majority of our budget on food at Tasty Harmony. I love it because it’s the cross between vegan comfort food and still being healthy.

6. Colorado Tasty Harmony sign

They have roots in macrobiotics and raw food cuisine and use lots of whole, fresh foods. A place after my own heart! This includes the aptly titled The Big Macrobiotic which features steamed veggies, greens, beans, brown rice, sea veggie salad, and cultured cabbage. Then they have dishes like the Raw Pad Thai with kelp noodles in an almond coconut sauce.

At the same time, they have some pure comfort foods like Kentucky Fried Freedom with breaded mock chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, black eye peas and greens.

6. Colorado Tasty Harmony interior
Tasty Harmony has a simple, relaxed atmosphere, and the staff are always friendly but unobtrusive.

It’s a treat to find a menu which I approve and could eat pretty much everything on it without feeling crappy afterward. Their portion sizes are also right on – too small for Jay, but just right for a normal person. It’s actually hard to decide what to get because everything looks so good and meets my (special occasion) standards!

Those with food sensitivities will appreciate that they also label all the gluten-free options on the menu. There’s a symbol for meals that contain dairy, but I’ve yet to find anything that isn’t vegan.

6. Colorado Tasty Harmony Menu

6. Colorado Tasty Harmony New Belgium Porter
Being in the beer mecca that is Fort Collins, we started by sharing a local New Belgium porter on tap. We rarely drink, so it was a treat.

One of their specialties is BBQ pulled jackfruit. Jackfruit is a huge fruit from Southeast Asia, and it’s cooked when it’s still green and starchy to give a very “meaty” texture, often described as similar to pulled pork. I wish we could come up with some better descriptors! Really, it’s got a great texture, and it’s nice to use an actual whole food rather than some soy or gluten concoction that was cleverly designed to mimic the texture of meat.

6. Colorado Tasty Harmony Jackfruit Tacos Special
My BBQ pulled jackfruit tacos, the daily special. Tasted awesome, as expected!
6. Colorado Tasty Harmony Caballero Plate
Our buddy ordered a different take on the BBQ pulled jackfruit and opted for the Caballero plate with spanish rice, greens, and cashew cheese.

One of the dishes everyone should try at least once is the Heart of Provence, just because it is so dang delicious! You don’t have to be vegan or even health-minded to like this one. Polenta normally doesn’t excite me much, but alongside the almond-crusted tempeh and sauce, I’m digging this meal. It does come with a salad (not pictured here) to offset the beige. (I have a thing against beige food which reminds me of the Standard American Diet).

6. Colorado Tasty Harmony Heart of Provence polenta and almond-crusted tempeh
A repeat order and favorite of Jay and mine is the Heart of Provence: cornmeal and almond-crusted tempeh triangles with polenta cakes in a delicious tomato sauce.

And, lest we forget raw food, bring on the Living Falafel wrap. At home, I love wrapping foods in collard leaves so it makes me happy when restaurants do this.

6. Colorado Tasty Harmony Raw Fallafel Wrap
Our other host got one of the raw options, the Living Falafel Wrap with sprouted almond and walnut falafel, raw hummus, and veggies wrapped in a collard leaf.

For dessert, Tasty Harmony normally has a few rotating options, both raw and cooked. Our buddies shared a slice of vegan chocolate peanut butter cream pie. Totally forgot to take a photo for you guys, but I can assure you it was beautiful and they cleaned their plate. I’ve had the house raw cheesecake before and it’s pretty delicious.

Day two!

True to form, we returned the next day, this time for lunch meeting my former thesis adviser, another omnivore. We were spreading the vegan love all around Fort Collins!

For the budget conscious, they have a $6.99 lunch special every day. I got the special with half a tempeh Reuben sandwich and a cup of miso soup.

7. Colorado Tasty Harmony Tempeh Reuben
Good Reuben. And the miso soup was nice, but I should have gotten the salad. This meal was too beige! My fault…

Jay was feeling basic and wanted a burger, of all the delicious menu items! Go figure. Another too-beige, not so pretty lunch. But he said it hit the spot.

7. Colorado Tasty Harmony Burger and Mashed Potatoes
Jay’s Bigboy Burger (patty made with rice, beans, and soy) with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Surprise, surprise that our guest got the salad, the most colorful of all our meals. Confession: I totally coveted it. Look how pretty it was!

I usually don’t order salads when I go to vegan restaurants because I want to try something I couldn’t easily make myself. And I make such huge awesome salads every day that restauarant ones rarely hit my high standards (and volume).

7. Colorado Tasty Harmony Scott's salad
The Good Shepard salad with raw vegan Chevre cheese, marinated kale, sundried tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette, and more.

And that’s it, for now. I have no doubt I’ll be back, trying more. One of the waitresses already recognizes us even though we only visit the city about once a year.

Good-bye Tasty Harmony! ‘Til next time. Maybe we’ll travel back to Fort Collins when we make our return trip back across North America…

6. Colorado Tasty Harmony front window

Now your turn. Ever visited Fort Collins or Tasty Harmony? What’s your favorite dish? Leave it in the comments.

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