#101 Step into Your Moxie with Alexia Vernon

#101 Step into Your Moxie with Alexia Vernon

Have you ever felt like you were tap dancing on eggshells – striving to be liked, give the right answers, and not be called out for failing to be enough of whoever others wanted you to be?

My hunch is, even if you answered yes, you may also have experienced a competing desire – to put yourself and your ideas out into the world in a big way.

You know you were put here to say big things. To do big things. You want to be seen, you want to make impact, and that often feels scary.

One of my biz besties, Alexia Vernon, knows this tension firsthand. Even as she built a successful career as a professional speaker and speaking coach, she experienced an on-again, off-again relationship… with her own voice.

… despite presenting transformational keynotes and corporate trainings for Fortune 500 companies, speaking at the United Nations, delivering a TEDx talk, and being featured on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Forbes.com, and tons more.

In today’s episode, we talk about what it means to “Step Into Your Moxie” – the title of her brand new book.

Lex has committed her life to showing women how to develop the mindset, skillset, and behaviors to unapologetically speak their truth and have their communication move people to take action.

In today’s episode, we jam on quieting the inner critic that inevitably arises you as put yourself out there for visibility opportunities and how to have unshakeable presence when you’re being a messenger for your brand.

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Listen in and you’ll learn:

  • How we can actually start to do the hard work to speak our truth rather than just saying “truth” is one of our strong values
  • Why redoing her website this year created connection by beginning with her people in mind
  • How to play nicely with the destructive voices we carry around in our heads that self-sabotage by comparisonitis and all or nothing thinking
  • Her bumpy evolution over the past 11.5 years and how it’s so easy to compare where we are right now to someone else’s middle
  • Why sales can be a holy process because you have a responsibility to speak your truth to give others access to theirs

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