#190 Social Media Angst & Where to Use Your Voice

#190 Social Media Angst & Where to Use Your Voice

Have you felt any friction, resistance, or misalignment with social media lately? I know I have, for a few years now. 

So many of us are questioning:

I can’t keep up. I wish I could do more. Is there something wrong with me?
Look at her successful life – will I ever get there?
Does anyone even care what I have to say?
I want to close my account – but don’t I need it to market my business?
Is posting the highlights of my life doing harm? Am I part of the problem?

We’re in a collective inquiry. I see it in groups I’m in, with friends, from clients. Especially those of us who are more sensitive. 

When we see social media as an important biz and leadership tool, unhooking from it can feel extra sticky. 

At the same time, it’s also true that over the past year (and for many years for those with disabilities) social media has allowed many to foster connection through isolation. It’s literally been a lifeline.

It’s complex. There are no absolutes, no 100% “good” or “bad.”  

In Quiet Messenger ep 190, we navigate this complexity together – not from a space of having all the answers but from a space of being able to be IN the questions.

I want you to be equipped to make intentional choices that honor your capacity (a nod to last week’s episode) and how you show up best. 

Listen in.

I talk about:

  • How the algorithm works against sensitive, introverted folks (and what that means for you)
  • My evolving relationship with Instagram and Facebook (and what still makes me feel self-conscious)
  • Why using someone else’s “tried and true” 10-step formula is STILL an experiment
  • Ways to market more intimately, beyond social media, that have felt best for me for over the last few years
  • An invitation to be creative, make your own rules, and experiment

Deeper support from me:

  • The Messenger Mastermind is an intimate circle of women leaders who like cozy spaces for connection, growth and processing and who want to feel solid, confident & consistent in their messaging so they can grow a movement that matters ~ both to the world and to their business’ bottom line.

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