#3 Self Care Without Slowing Down with Jess Tomlinson

#3 Self Care Without Slowing Down with Jess Tomlinson

On this episode of the Feed Your Hustle Podcast, I had an open conversation with my dear friend Jess Tomlinson about taking loving care of yourself without slowing down with the amazing work you want to do in the world.

We dove into asking for help without feeling guilty, what it really looks like to be wildly expressed, making everyday rituals feel spa-like, and how to do it all without it feeling “hard.”

Jess is a Radiant Self Care Coach who supports busy women in feeling massively less stressed, vibrantly beautiful and wildly expressed so they can continue to do it ALL…without feeling guilty. Jess believes women deserve to have exactly what they need, want and desire (no matter what!) Through her unique coaching, empowering events and international retreats, women receive nourishment, support and breakthroughs to uncover their deepest desires and take the action steps necessary to make their desires a reality.

I first met Jess when she asked me to talk on body love and lead a mindful eating ritual during her Sensory Explosion event in 2014. We instantly connected and the private women’s group she runs locally has been a pivotal source of sisterhood and feminine connection for me.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • To give yourself permission to be wildly expressed (in your own unique way)
  • How to tap into your inner child and use play to discover what you REALLY want
  • The difference between releasing and complaining
  • Exactly how to ask for help without guilt (I used these tips during the podcast launch this past week!)
  • Easy rituals to make your workday feel luxurious

Mentioned in this episode:

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How do you plan to add small acts of self care into your busy schedule?

Go ahead and share it in the comments because I want to know!

Warmth and joy,


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