#34 Redefining Hustle for Female Entrepreneurs

#34 Redefining Hustle for Female Entrepreneurs

Today is an important one in the burnout-proofing your business series I’m doing. We’re going to first redefine hustle – in a way that helps you feel like you’re not pushing all the time. Then I’m sharing the four pillars of feeding your hustle to help you change the WAY you hustle.

This is the basis of everything I talk about on this podcast, so stay tuned!

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Redefining Hustle for Female Entrepreneurs

What comes to mind when you hear the word hustle?

Is it being a workaholic? Or putting your Business before your Personal needs? Maybe it’s hiphop music videos with rappers waving around wads of cash?

And if that’s your definition of hustle, you probably want nothing to do with it. None of that is heart-centered and none of that tugs at your own motivations for the life you want to live. That kind of hustle leads to burnout and deteriorating relationships with your husband and kids.

That’s why I want to take back the word “hustle.” To redefine it so we can use it as driven, passionate, positive, mission-driven female entrepreneurs.

Because hustle, as I define it, is essential to your business growth… but also to your personal lifestyle.

If you’ve been in my community long enough, then you know I talk about feeding your hustle as generating the energy you need to power the incredible things you want to do in the world. Your mission – your dreams, your ambitions, your business, your family.

Hustle is that drive we all share to make an impact on the planet. Whether it’s an impact in our own city or a global revolution, we have a mission.

And if we don’t redefine hustle?

We think that the only way to reach our dreams is by hustling in the traditional sense. Powering through. That we have to give up our Personal Self and the people and activities we love and go all in with our business. We don’t believe we can do it while enjoying our life. That we have the power to shape our lives in a feminine, big-hearted way.

This is why I talk about feeding your hustle. Because that’s how you stay connected to your Personal Self and still have the energy to flourish.

Feeding your hustle includes adding those activities that light you up, that energize you, that make you feel how you need to feel to be more productive. And to burn-out proof your business.

The four pillars of #FeedYourHustle Habits are to nourish, move, recharge, and play.


Eating healthy whole foods that nourish you. Connecting to how meals make you feel afterwards – clear-headed and full of energy or like crawling to the couch to take a nap? And letting that guide your food choices. Of course, there’s a foundation of nutrition through nutrient-rich foods like vegetables and eating mindfully. But it’s more than simply following rules. Feeding your hustle is about being in touch with your body.


Thinking of how you move your body not as exercise or burning calories. Moving in the way that unblocks stagnant energy, especially from sitting at the computer. Tapping into what would make you feel good at that moment – is it explosive energy with jumping jacks or grounded energy with yoga, or feminine organic energy with dancing?


This is perhaps the most overlooked. It’s taking time away from your business and creating White Space. The could be more formally as a meditation practice. But it could also be having a day off every week, taking vacation time, shutting down your business brain at 5pm, getting into nature, coloring in an adult coloring book, or simply petting your cat. Creative expression falls under this one – writing, painting, etc.


If recharging is overlooked, play isn’t even added to the list. It’s being a kid again – laughter, having fun, taking delight in your surroundings, being lit up.

Play can be an actual activity or it can be the way you do those activities. You can approach all the other pillars from a sense of play by taking pleasure in the moment, living by your senses to be fully present. It might be that you got out in nature to recharge but truly delight in the smells of the blooming flowers and skip down the path in your excitement. While recharging might be more in your head space (aka meditation), play is fully grounded in your body and in the present.

The #FeedYourHustle Habits I send regularly to my email list community fit into these four categories. At the core of #FeedYourHustle Habits is that they are done for YOU and then translate to fueling your Business. Not the other way around.

They inherently shift focus to your life rather than your business because it’s your life that supports you, but it’s ultimately your life that you want to live through, not your business.

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How do you nourish, move, recharge, or play to feed your hustle?

Share with me in the comments below!

Warmth and joy,

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P.S. Stay tuned next week for the final episode in this burnout-out proofing series to learn about why a healthy brain means a healthy business and what you can do to power up your brain.


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