#26 Racheal Cook – Live Your Dream Life While Growing a Biz

#26 Racheal Cook – Live Your Dream Life While Growing a Biz

If you’re anything like me, a major reason, if not THE reason, you turned entrepreneur was for your dream lifestyle. If you’re busy pushing full speed ahead waiting for that magic income number to finally take time for yourself, you need this episode.

Our guest on Feed Your Hustle today, Racheal Cook, is a self-proclaimed typical type-A overachiever who walked away from a consulting job where she worked 80 hours a week after she realized it was toxic for her mental, physical and spiritual health. After that breakthrough, she has completely dramatically re-designed every aspect of her life and business based on her own definition of success (where creating a meaningful life is just as important as creating a meaningful living).

“You can have a beautiful life right now, while you grow your business.” – Racheal Cook

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In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How she went from working 80 hours a week to 25 (and why working more is not a badge of honor)
  • How over-investing in her business led to a lack of investment in herself (and how she turned that around)
  • The ways you can make the dream goals on your vision board come true right now
  • What a “business shavasana” is and why it’s vital for all female entrepreneurs
  • Why she lives and dies by her calendar and why she believes it’s up to you to prioritize your life

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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