#42 Productivity & Business-Life Balance with Lianne Soller

#42 Productivity & Business-Life Balance with Lianne Soller

A bit about Lianne Soller, my guest on today’s ep of the Feed Your Hustle Podcast: When she was new in business, she felt she had to work all time, always be researching.

Yet she wasn’t seeing results and ended up in the hospital for stress after 6 months.

We talk about the steps she put in place in her own life to master the art of business-life balance and how she streamlines her business for maximum effectiveness.

“You CAN feel the way that you want to feel as an entrepreneur and you shouldn’t accept anything less than that. Tune into your body and let it guide you.”  Lianne Soller

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In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Her secret to focus time in the morning to feel relaxed and productive the rest of the workday, no matter what happens
  • What burning out early on in her business taught her and the boundaries the 180 pivot she’s done with how she sets up her business to prevent future burnout
  • Why having one focus at a time can actually help you get more done and why you don’t need to have a perfect website and do all the things to draw in clients
  • Why not checking email until 10am makes you less crazy and exactly what you need in place to make that a reality

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What small step towards business-life balance are you taking this week?

Share with me in the comments below!

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