“Using what Adria taught me, I’ve now got 4 people signed up so far for my group program!! And I just got a new 6-month client.”

“Before working with Adria, I would get emails from potential clients doing a price comparison. And it was painful because I knew the impact I had on clients and that I could offer so much more than what they were comparing me to. I knew where I wanted to go but didn’t know how to stand out from other people who did the same work as me.  

By the end of our work together, I had my first paying client in almost 2 years!! Holy shit that felt good!  

Throughout the program, I was literally clapping my hands in excitement when Adria wrapped up trainings because I was having breakthroughs. Adria helped me communicate what I do and the impact I’d have on my potential clients’ lives in a very clear and concise way. I freaking loved this experience.  

Using what Adria taught me, I’ve now got 4 people signed up so far for my group program!! And I just got a new 6-month client. When we hopped on the call to decide whether to work together, I know Adria’s messaging helped me to articulate things so much more clearly and land her. Ahhhh-mazing! Plus I finally quit my corporate job.  

Adria is a nice balance of let’s get shit done and supporting you for where you’re at. She also sees things for you that you may not have seen for yourself. She knew how to ask questions to get me to dig or if I was blocked, her suggestions for me were on point as if she could take my thoughts and put them into words beautifully.

This is one of the top investments I’ve made in my business. Adria has definitely found her gift and she will help you find the way to express yours. If you are ready to do the work and get to where you want to be with your vision, I recommend her as a vital stepping stone to help you get there.”  

Alexis Billings, Health Coach & Fitness Trainer at synergywellnesslv.com


“Now I actually have a waiting list.”

Working with Adria, I found clarity around all the things I have been struggling with for years. I got so many more responses from people who were interested and really felt like I was speaking to them. I finally found that way to connect. Now I actually have a waiting list.

I have worked with other coaches before and never really felt they understood. Adria really “got” my work and what I am struggling with. Even if I couldn’t explain it myself, she just always seemed to know what I was trying to say and how to say it better and clearer. I loved her enthusiasm and belief in me.

Adria gets straight to the point and makes figuring things out easy. I tend to get lost in the analysis or focus on the bigger picture and get paralyzed by the details. She helped me get down to business in no time and get stuff done!

As a result of our work together, my confidence going forward is off the charts! Suddenly everything makes sense now!”

Lisa Montagna, Healer and Spiritual Coach


“Now I actually know what I do, and I believe I can offer it.”

“Before working with Adria, I was confused. I knew I needed guidance and was looking to jump ahead – to the talk I want to give, the website I want to create, etc. There are so many coaches telling you what they think you need – you want to skip steps.

Adria helps lay the foundation work. She gets the ‘now’ me and she gets the ‘bigger vision’ me. 

And she attracts a wonderful group of women. She’s able to “see” me, the other women, and get us to shift in the right direction and to know that it is different for each one of us. All while ensuring me that I am exactly where I need to be.

Now, I’m so much less scared. I gained clarity. But much more. Now I have language that suits my vision and I have a much more focused message, even my target audience shifted. I look at my offer differently. I actually know what I do and I believe I can offer it. Do we really have to end?”

Karin Dimant, Anxiety Wellness Coach


“I would absolutely, hands-down recommend working with Adria. 

I was overwhelmed. I had just left the corporate world and was starting my business. I was all over the board with no fewer than one million passions, and I wanted to chase them all. I needed Adria’s laser focus to help me narrow down what I should coach people on.

Her support gave me the confidence and the permission to just start, to not have to be perfect but to be clear. Now I have enough figured out to take action. That step alone felt like a miracle.

I wouldn’t work with Adria if you don’t want to actually start a business. Because it’s going to put you into action.”

Tracy Lewis, Career Transition Coach


“Through all of this, I have gotten group program sign ups and a referral.”

“Before working with Adria, I was frustrated and felt like I couldn’t move forward with networking, content creation, or scheduling consultations without knowing how to talk about what I did. Even though I have a ton of great information and services to share, I felt like if I couldn’t talk about them in a way that made sense to me and everyone else, why bother moving forward? 

During our work together, the foundation of my concise message and what I do differently than other coaches helped me move forward in everything else for my business. Now I’m consistently sharing content because I know how to talk about it. I have weekly blog posts planned out through October, daily Facebook and Instagram content, and I started bringing more people into my private Facebook group.  

Through all of this, I have gotten group program sign ups and a referral.  

After working with Adria, I’m able to verbalize what I do past “I’m a health coach and nutritionist”, and I get actual looks and nods of recognition at networking events when I say my “what do you do” statement. Clearly knowing my message ties everything together in a way that people are more likely to understand and get aha moments from. Now I feel more confident moving forward because this foundation piece is in place.”  

Brittany Henderson, Certified Health Coach and Nutritionist at brittanyhenderson.me


“This has meant more leads with whom I can follow up.”

“Adria has a way with words and getting them out of you which makes the work you do with her effortless. 

I am now more comfortable speaking about what I do. This has meant more leads with whom I can follow up, and more motivation to keep trying.

After moving to a new city, I wanted to get clear before trying to present myself for any kind of work locally, as well as the possibility of making a real go of it online. I hesitated to hire Adria because of lack of traction in my business, i.e. no income. But she gets where I am and where I need to be, so in the end it was a no-brainer.

Adria makes it all very easy. She has a strong intuitive sense about how to approach whichever road block comes up. I really feel like she is in my corner and truly supporting me every step of the way.

I’m again reminded how important it is to have a champion when working in this isolating world of solopreneurship. Adria is the perfect candidate for that position.

Cathy Cochrane, Holistic Nourishment Specialist, wholehealthservices.ca
Listen to Cathy’s full case study here


“I got laser-focused. It took my message from broad to specific and made me really hone in and define who I am and get very clear on the service I provide. 

Jackie Unterreiner, Owner Infrared Wrap LV



“I’ve been struggling with this for so long that finally getting that clear direction on what I do is tantamount to a feeling of being at peace.”

“Before working with Adria, my business was in my head.

I had no idea how to piece all the different things that make up all that I am to pinpoint exactly where I can really be of service; to finally find something that makes my heart sing.

I knew that this was the next chapter but I needed to get clear. I needed to know: I’m going to do ‘this’. I’d been doing a lot of soul-searching & brainstorming but nothing was really gelling.

Our session was like a lightbulb moment. A lot of it I already knew but we always almost need something outside ourselves to point us in the right direction. Adria gave me an avenue, in a safe space, to find my voice.

That feeling of clarity was a huge shock to me. I’ve never felt that confident, I’ve never felt that grateful, that kind of bliss.

I’ve been struggling with this for so long that finally getting that clear direction on what I do is tantamount to a feeling of being at peace.

It feels right. More than anything else, it feels right. Everything is just going to flow from here on out.

Althea Branton, Corporate Culture Maven


“I’m a lot clearer on my core message that I want to take out to the world. I had limited amounts of resources to invest. Adria made a compelling case for getting clear on your message before marketing. So before I started my website, this seemed like a logical place to begin.

Adria’s a rare person with a unique skillset. I can get into huge funks, and she was able to lift the energy and move me forward which is a huge gift. Her 1-1 time was so valuable, and she’s a superb coach.” 

Barbara Glazier, Speaking Coach


“Adria is able to spin our words and repeat them back to us; she has a way of getting people to really sharpen what they’re saying. 

I have a direction now. I took away confidence in myself.” 

Jamie Boisselle


“Now, I’m finding myself looking forward to conversations where I can get in front of people and share what I’m doing.”

“I was beginning to wonder, having this be a side hustle for so long, “Is this something that I’m meant to do?”

Before working with Adria, I got a lot of blank stares. Even though the work that I was doing was solid, the way I was communicating the work out into the world was almost like Greek. And it was so painful to put together a sales page, an opt in or presentation.

Adria was phenomenal at assisting me in gaining clarity about the vague aspects of my business and to create a compelling way to wrap it in words other people can clearly understand. She reflected back to me what she detected was the heart of what I was trying to say which let me hone in on my voice. 

Through our work together, I’ve recorded several interviews and podcasts, created a more focused way of talking about what I offer and a strategy for approaching marketing (and my business as a whole) that’s authentic and aligned with my own values. 

I now use my message as a tuning fork. It made putting a presentation for a training together so much easier a couple weeks ago. I can write a blog post or record videos and refer back to that core message. Now, I’m finding myself looking forward to conversations where I can get in front of people and share what I’m doing.

Adria has an incredible balance in her perspective and approach of the masculine and feminine, so I would say to be open to discovering something more than you expect that just might be the exact thing you need at this moment for your messaging and your business.”

Christi Daniels, Self-Leadership Mentor, christidaniels.com
Listen to Christi’s full case study here (or read the transcript)


“Adria put my gift into words, which no-one else has been able to do before.”

“Adria took my hard-to-explain, rara message and helped me to formulate it in a down-to-earth way, so people understand what I am doing. She is the help to self-help types, a sparring partner who can take the raw material and turn it into gold. 

I have managed to craft a concise and clear reply to the question: “What do you do?” As a result, it doesn’t matter if it’s online or in person, people listen, think, and then start to engage. This was what I needed as the missing puzzle piece.

Her confidence and positivity made me trust her, which doesn’t happen very easily. She wants each individual to succeed at their own pace and time. What I liked best about working with Adria was her “say it as it is” approach. Adria is not a theorist – she’s done it herself and knows what she is talking about. She put my gift into words, which no-one else has been able to do before.”

Markus Neukom, Motivator & Sparring Partner


“Adria is 100% fully engaged, ultra supportive but definitely held us accountable. She was attentive and reached out and pulled me back into action mode when she noticed I was lagging. 

I am very fortunate to have been able to work with her. She offers her best to get the best results. 

Her way of helping me figure out my message is becoming so much easier, and I’m starting to feel like I am becoming “The Go to Woman” regarding my niche.”

Melody Charles, Biblical Marriage Coach, melodycharles.com


“Adria helped me better understand who I was targeting, which made a significant impact on my conversations with potential clients. Instead of it being an interview that consisted of me being screened, I was asking the potential client to describe him or herself to determine if he or she fit my target. That shift of not trying to fit my services into what a client needs has been huge. 

Beyond that has been the internal clarity. Truly understanding our ‘why’ as business owners is so important because it affects how we think. When I’m building strategy around my own business, understanding who I’m targeting and why I’m targeting them is critical in getting it right.” 

Chrissie Wywrot, Social Media Strategist, chrissiewywrot.com
Listen to Chrissie’s case study here