#40 Perfectionism and Being Visible with Amber Krzys

#40 Perfectionism and Being Visible with Amber Krzys

Imagine you’re a perfectionist. (Um, yeah, got that one down.) You launch your new business by working 18 hours a day creating a Marie Forleo-style course as your first program.

The result? By the time the cart closes, you hit adrenal fatigue… which takes a good 8 months to recover from.

Does that resonate? Well, it’s the in-a-nutshell burnout story of Amber Krzys, my new girl-crush and founder of uber-successful body image movement bodyheart.

In today’s ep, Amber and I jam on the blocks female entrepreneurs have to getting more visible AND how her relationship to hustle has evolved. (This one is SOOO good.)

“Perfection says you should already know how to do this. Then of course you’re going to fail. You’ve gotta be willing to be messy.” – Amber Krzys

Important Announcements:

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • How “when… then” statements hold you back from taking real action and how to meet yourself where you are rather than fall into the “I’m not good enough today” story trap
  • How she plans her business year around seasons in order to relax, take vacations, and contain the hustle
  • Her wakeup call when her launch ended and she was energetically depleted from not feeding her hustle (but still had to push through to serve her new clients anyways)
  • The shifts she made to go from trying to force her vision of business into existence (and burning out in the process) to finding alignment and ease
  • Why worrying about your body and shame over your appearance is an energy drain that starts your day already depleted and saps confidence in putting your message out there
  • The questions to ask yourself to go from dictatorship of your body to relationship with your body

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For her new website (after August 2016)

How does your perfectionism hold you back?

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P.S. If you feel like you’re pushing so hard in your business, you’re going to love next week’s episode. Hint: it’s on how to start pulling instead.


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