Not Eating Real Lunches (An Entrepreneur Health Trap)

Not Eating Real Lunches (An Entrepreneur Health Trap)

You’re in the middle of a project and you’ve got client calls starting at 10am. You push through and, suddenly, it’s already noon and you don’t want to break your concentration. 

So you put off lunch – just until the end of this next task. 

In the back of your mind, you notice you’re re-reading paragraphs and your brain is a bit foggy, but you push forward.

Before you know it, your stomach is growling, you can’t work another minute without feeding it, and the clock says 2pm. Where did the time go?

You finally dash to the kitchen and grab something, but you’ve got work to do and it needs to be fast. So you grab whatever snacks are handy – in this case tortilla chips and pretzels, maybe a handful of almond to keep it healthy – and head back to your desk to munch while working.

Sound familiar?

If so, let me ask you this question: how productive were you that afternoon? Were you ready to tackle that pile of work on your desk? Or did you feel like clocking out early and getting to it tomorrow?

I’m betting the rest of the afternoon was a challenge, pushing yourself to focus. Maybe that project you were working on took an extra hour to finish and you ended work at 6 rather than 5 as planned.

You told yourself it was “just this once” but then the same situation popped up again the next day and then the whole next week.

You are not alone. I hear stories like this all the time from clients, podcast guests, and entrepreneur girlfriends. 

Can you guess why, over time, this scenario makes you a liability to your business rather than an asset?

You probably don’t realize how much it affects your work. But I promise you’ll notice the difference if you start eating real lunches, fueling your body and brain.

Here are 3 common scenarios I see happen for female entrepreneurs:

  1. Not eating until 2pm when you’re ravenous

  1. Snacking through the workday but never sitting down to a real meal 

  1. Grabbing whatever’s easiest (e.g. cereal or takeout)

These challenges are real, and they slowly erode the energy and productivity you bring to your business. Thankfully, the same solution tackles all of these challenges (and it’s simpler than you think).

Every Monday, I ask the ladies in the Feed Your Hustle Facebook group what they’re doing to make healthy eating easy for the week.

Wanna know what the ladies who are feeding their hustle say 99% of the time? 

Advance preparation.

Some ladies say they made a huge batch of beans or quinoa for the week. For others, it’s grocery shopping so they have food in the fridge for the week. And for still others, it’s actually portioning out serving size snack bags of nuts and dried fruit or even entire meals in individual containers.

An hour of thought and upfront prep on the weekend ensures you have real meals easy to grab or toss together all week.

This small shift makes it easier to eat lunch at lunchtime and avoid energy-depleting snacking or putting off your meal until your productivity is shot. (If you want to dig in to this a bit more, I shared the four keys to quick workday lunches in this article.)

But the thing is that your struggle is unique because your business, lifestyle, and body are unique. There may be one solution, but the small tweaks that will make it feel easy to you are highly personalized.

Likely you’re not a stranger to the concept of advance food prep. If you could do it on your own, you would have by now. 

If you’re stuck and need help tackling your specific struggle, grab a free Healthier Hustle sprint sesh with me now.

Warmth and joy,


P.S. Stay tuned for a brand new Feed Your Hustle Podcast episode next week – I chat with Racheal Cook, the Yogipreneur, on how to live your dream lifestyle now, not wait until you hit 6 figures.


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