#83 My Brand Message is Evolving – Here’s How

#83 My Brand Message is Evolving – Here’s How

For months I’ve been craving a shift in my own messaging and how I work with people. A shift that will let me sink back into my heart.

But I needed clarity.

If you’ve ever felt that way, you likely know the pain of being pulled in two directions at once. And imagine the frustration – someone who helps others evolve and find their message being blocked!

In my quest for clarity, I pulled out all the tools I use with clients, tools like clearing space and tapping into what lights me up.

What I realized is that over the past couple years, I’ve had a lot of established business owners reach out to me for help pivoting.

There was the relationship coach who’d been doing this work for 20 years, but had just ended his own relationship and lost his business partner and didn’t know what to step into, what his message looked like with just him.

Then there was the holistic fertility doctor with a thriving practice who was ready to take what she’d been saying to her clients to the TED stage but didn’t know how to shape it into her core message.

And then there was the marketer who was ready to shift from a done-for-you service to a strategist role that would give her more freedom to be with her son and didn’t know how to communicate the transition to waiting potential clients.

All of them needed clarity. They were pivoting into a new way of expression, had a new message inside of them. But they felt stuck.

When I realized that I wanted to shift my focus to help other messengers move through that stifling feeling of knowing they have something BIG to say but not what it is, I had actual tears streaming down my face.

Listen to today’s episode to hear more about my evolution and new direction and what it means for you.

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How What I Do & How I Help Clients is Evolving

Whether you’re pivoting your biz, applying for a TEDx talk, or launching a podcast, I’ll help you clarify the next evolution of your brand message so you use your voice and share your truth to change lives.

I geek out on being a messaging mirror to my clients.

Thing is, I know how it feels. I felt it three years ago when I decided to let go of the message I’d done a TEDx talk on and step into the next evolution of how I help people. I’ve had at least four of these types of transitions in the past five years.

Evolution is continually happening in our brands and messaging. And it should be!

That’s the beauty of entrepreneurship – that you aren’t stuck in one job description for 30 years. That you can shape your business around your growing, changing self.

So it’s time to bring my focus back to helping you get clear on your message and use your voice.

The best way I can to do that is through a Message Clarity VIP Day.

If what I’ve said here is resonating and you’re feeling the pull to uncover the next evolution of your message as you pivot or step into using your voice to change lives, I’d love to explore the possibility of working together in this 1-1 virtual experience.

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P.S. Over the next few months, you can expect episodes on evolving your message, generating clarity, making what you say feel congruent and what you do in alignment, and anything you want to know about how I got and prepped for my TED talk.

Starting with next week: How to know if it’s time to pivot your business.

Hi! I’M ADRIA DECORTE, M.S., Clarity Coach

Drawing on my experience as a TEDx speaker and my architecture background, I help women coaches uncover the next evolution of their brand message so they can use their voice and share their truth to change lives.


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