Move Your Body to Solve Nagging Problems & Generate Ideas

Move Your Body to Solve Nagging Problems & Generate Ideas

You know how the best ideas come to you in the shower or while driving? There’s a reason for that.

It’s because for once you aren’t rushing around and your body is taken up by automatic tasks. You are creating magical White Space.

When you take a step away from your work, you leave space for inspiration to come in and problems that you’ve been grasping at solutions for to unravel on their own.

Last week, I had a similar experience when I made it to a yoga class after missing the last few weeks. About 10 minutes in, I had a download of the next step to do with my podcast that’s been on hiatus for the last couple months. 

This “moving meditation” is great for us Type A women who have a hard time sitting still because moving your body pulls you into the present.

Today’s #FeedYourHustle Habit:

Do a movement session to generate ideas and solve nagging problems.

Choose movement that your body is familiar with. An activity where you don’t have to think about what you’re doing.

Group fitness is great for this because you’re being told what to do, meaning no decision-making for you and more white space. Yoga, Pilates, I even count the weight lifting class I used to do because it was routine and I didn’t have to to think. Lots of people also find running works for them.

It’s more about the feeling than the actual activity.

Either way, especially if you’ve been skipping movement in favor of your work, prioritize one session this week and see if that magic combo of movement and white space jogs some things loose.

At the very least, it will absolutely feed your hustle and leave you clearer headed.

What moving meditation are you doing this week?

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Warmth and joy,

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